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Updated   24 May, 2019

 Josef Anton Riedl - Creel Pone CD    Pythagoron Inc - Creel Pone CD   Jacques Lejeune - Blanche Neige Creel Pone CD 
CD Big Cynthia
Ain't Nothing Like A Big Woman
US 2002 Brittney SQCD-9114-2
CD O.B. Buchana It's Over! US 1999 Blues River SQCD-9102-2 Ex+/Ex- £15
CD Herbert Eimert
Epitaph Fur Aikichi Kuboyama
UK 2005 Creel Pone #4
2CD Jean Claude Eloy
UK 2007 Creel Pone #70/1
CD Grupo Experimental Electroacustico      Musikautomatika UK 2006 Creel Pone #65
CD Jurgen Karg
Elektronische Mythen
UK 2006 Creel Pone #54
CD Max E Keller/Martin Schwarzenlander   Sozialistische Musiker Initiative UK 2006 Creel Pone #59
CD Little Bob And The Lollipops I Got Loaded US 2004 La Louisianne LLCD-1024 Ex-/Ex- £15
CD Thierry Muller
Rare & Unreleased    1974-1984
UK 2007 Fractal Records 196
CDS The Pogues
Misty Morning Albert Bridge    3" CD Single
Fr 1989 WEA YZ407CD
CD Release Music Orchestra Life Ger 1995 Germanofon 941043
CD Diana Ross & The Supremes The Rodgers & Hart Collection Ger 1987 Tamla Motown WD72594
CD Tommy Tate All Or Nothing     Obi Missing Jap 1992 P-Vine PCD-2403 Ex+/Ex- £15
CD V / A Heavy Christmas
Ger 1997 Second Battle SB 043
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CD Daevid Allen Now Is The Happiest Time Of Your Life Jap Si-Wan SRMC 4006   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD Andre Almuro
Musiques Experimentales
UK 2007 Creel Pone #67
CD Archie Bell & The Drells Dance Your Troubles Away  w/ obi Jap Sony SRCS 6498   pic Ex/Ex+ SOLD
CD Bob Berg Riddles US 1994 Stretch SCD-9008   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD Barney Bigard Clarinet Lament Ger 1996 Topaz Jazz TPZ 1055   pic M / M- SOLD
CD Boots & His Buddies 1937 - 1938 Fr. 1993 Classics 738   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD David Bowie Station To Station    RCA 1st Issue - Blue spine Ger RCA 1984 PD81327   pic Ex+Vg+ SOLD
CD David Bowie Low    RCA 1st Issue - Blue spine Ger RCA 1984 PD83856   pic Ex+Vg+ SOLD
CD David Bowie Heroes    RCA 1st Issue - Blue spine Ger RCA 1984 PD83857   pic Ex+Vg+ SOLD
CD David Bowie Lodger    RCA 1st Issue - Blue spine Ger RCA 1984 PD84234   pic M-/M- SOLD
CD David Bowie Young Americans   Withdrawn RCA Ger 1985 RCA PD80998   pic M-/Vg+ SOLD
CD David Bowie The Rise & Fall Of Ziggy Stardust  1st RCA issue Ger 1985 RCA PD84702   pic M/Ex SOLD
CD David Bowie Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars "Live" Bel 1995 Audiophile Legends APH 102.804  pic M/Ex+ SOLD
CD Roy Buchanan The Early Years Fr 1989 Krazy Kat KK CD 02   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
CD Cab Calloway 1930 - 1931 Fr. 1990 Classics 516   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD Cab Calloway 1932 - 1934 Fr. 1990 Classics 544.   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD Hoagy Carmichael Stardust And Much More Ger 1989 Bluebird/BMG ND 88333   pic M/ Ex+ SOLD
CD Benny Carter 1929 - 1933 Fr. 1990 Classics 522   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD Chumbawamba
Revengers Tragedy
UK 2003 Mutt Records MUTTCD003
CD Christian Clozier / Jacques Lejeune       Perspectives Musicales UK 2007 Creel Pone #73
CD Coil
Astral Disaster
UK 2000 Threshold House LOCI CD14
CD Coil
Moon's Milk (In Four Phases)
UK 2002 Eskaton ESKATON 23
CD Steve Coleman & His 5 Elements The Sonic Language Of Myth Fr 1998 BMG 74321641232   pic M/Ex+ SOLD
CD Julian Cope Odin     73 min meditation !! UK 1999 Head Heritage HH6   pic M / M SOLD
CD Count Basie 1939  Vol. 2 Fr. 1990 Classics 533   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD Sarah Cracknell  Lipslide   Deleted solo CD from St. Etienne vocalist UK 1997 Gut GUTCD2   pic M/M SOLD
CD Michael Czajkowski
People The Sky
UK 2009 Creel Pone #98
CD Eddie LockJaw Davis & Sonny Stitt   Jaws & Stitt At Birdland US 1991 Roulette Jazz 797572   pic M /Ex+ SOLD
CD Walter Davis Trio Illumination Jap 1989 Denon DC-8553   pic M / Ex- SOLD
CD Paul Desmond Polka Dots & Moonbeams Ger 1992 Bluebird/BMG ND 90637   pic M- Ex+ SOLD
4CD Doc Watson The Vanguard Years      w/ 28 page book Ger 1995 VCD4155/58   pic M-/Ex SOLD
CD Durutti Column The Return Of Durutti Column (Sealed With Obi Strip)     Jap 1989 Factory CY-3117 M/M SOLD
CD Durutti Column LC        (Sealed With Obi Strip)
Jap 1989 Factory CY-3118 M/M SOLD
2CD Fred J. Eaglesmith Ralph's Last Show      double digipack US 2001 Signature Sounds SIG1265   pic Ex/Vg+ SOLD
CD Roy Eldridge 1943 - 1944 Fr. 1997 Classics 920   pic M / Ex SOLD
2CD Jean Claude Eloy
UK 2006 Creel Pone #30/1
CD Elusion feat. Limon Wilson Show And Tell  w/ obi Jap East West AMCY-6114   pic M-/M- SOLD
CD Gil Evans There Comes A Time US 1987 RCA/Bluebird 5783-2-RB   pic M/Ex SOLD
CD Maynard Ferguson Magnitude UK 1991 Mainstream MDCD 712   pic M / M- SOLD
2CD The Field Mice Where'd You Learn To Kiss That Way?  slipcase    UK 1998 Shinkansen SHINKANSEN 14CD   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
CD Stan Getz Presents Jimmie Rowles : The Peacocks US 1994 Columbia 475697   pic M / Ex+ SOLD
3CD Pietro Grossi
Computer Music
UK 2006 Creel Pone #40/1/2
CD Guru Guru UFO  / Hinten      2 on 1 CD Rus   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD Lionel Hampton 1937 - 1938 Fr. 1990 Classics 524   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD James Hand Live From The Saxon Pub   Autographed US 2003 Knight Klub KKR1   pic M /Ex SOLD
CD Coleman Hawkins 1944 - 1945 Fr. 1996 Classics 863   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD Willie Henderson & Friends Again  feat. God Made Gay People Too UK 2004 Eighty-Nine 8253462692   pic M-/Ex- SOLD
6CD Jimi Hendrix Astro Man   Box set of Live / Studio outtake UK 2003 Alchemy JHBX1   pic Ex-Ex+ SOLD
CD Pierre Henry
Mise En Musique Du Corticalart
UK 2005 Creel Pone #2
CD Earl Hines 1937 - 1939 Fr. 1990 Classics 538   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD Hot Lips Page 1938 - 1940 Fr. 1991 Classics 561   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD J.J. Johnson Let's Hang Out Fr 1993 Gitanes Jazz 514 454   pic M / Ex+ SOLD
CD Wynton Kelly Piano Interpretations US 1991 Blue Note CDP 7 84456   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD Andy Kirk & Mary Lou Williams   Mary's Idea Ger 1993 MCA GRP 16222   pic M/Ex+ SOLD
2CD Lee Konitz Live At The Half Note US 1994 Polygram 512 659   pic M/Ex SOLD
CD Kraftwerk The Catalogue  Promo CD EU 2009 Kling Klang 12345678   pic Ex/M- SOLD
CD Jimmy LaFave Road Novel US 1997 Bohemia Beat 007   pic M /Ex+ SOLD
CD Led Zeppelin The Complete 1972 Bombay Sessions    Zoso Fan Club     Tecumseh  TRC-003   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
CD Jacques Lejeune
Blanche Neige
UK 2006 Creel Pone #63   pic
CD Cecil Leuter
Spectacular Stereo Sounds
UK 2007 Creel Pone #74
CD Bent Lorentzen
Electronic Music
UK 2005 Creel Pone #7
CD Salvatore Martirano
L's GA. Ballad/Octet
UK 2005 Creel Pone #6
CD Howard McGhee Sharp Edge Ger 1988 Black Lion BLCD760110   pic M / Ex+ SOLD
CD Meade Lux Lewis Barrel House Piano Czech 1992 Jasmine JASMCD 2536   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD Bruno Menny
UK 2006 Creel Pone #43
CD Mountain Men Anonymous Krkonose UK My Kung Fu 002   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
CD Mountain Men Anonymous Mountain Men Anonymous UK 2001 Cytherea CCD 033   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
2CD Musiques De L'O.N.F
Music Of The National Film Board Of Canada    UK 2006 Creel Pone #60/1
CD Frankie Newton 1937 - 1939 Fr. 1991 Classics 643   pic M / Ex SOLD
3CD Gary Numan
Hybrid       (Ltd Edition 3 CD Set)
UK 2003 Jagged Halo JHCD007
CD Nurse With Wound / Aranos    Santoor Lena Bicycle  (In Wooden Box) UK 2001 United Dairies UD053 CD
3CD Nurse With Wound
Surveillance Lounge / Memory Surface
UK 2009 United Dirter DPROMCD 72
2CD Molly O'Day & The Cumberland Mountain Folks Ger 1992 Bear Family BCD 15565   pic M-/Ex SOLD
CD Panama Francis & His Savoy Sultans    Gettin' In The Groove Fr 1987 Black & Blue 233320   pic M / M- SOLD
CD Oscar Pettiford Vienna Blues: The Complete Session Ger Black Lion BLCD760104   pic M / Ex+ SOLD
4CD Piano Red - Dr. Feelgood The Doctor's In !   4 CD Box w/ 20 page booklet Ger 1993 Bear Family BCD 15685 DI   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
CD Pink Floyd Echoes  - Best of 6 track Sampler UK 2001 EMI   pic M / M SOLD
CD Pythagoron
Pythagoron Inc
UK 2006 Creel Pone #48   pic
CD Radiohead Amnesiac    w/ slipcase & bonus tracks Jap 2001 Parlophone LC127   pic Ex+Ex SOLD
CD Red Rodney Fiery Jap 1991 Savoy Jazz SV-0148   pic M / M- SOLD
CD Josef Anton Riedl
Josef Anton Reidl
UK 2005 Creel Pone #23   pic
CD Luis Russell 1926 - 1929 Fr. 1991 Classics 588   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD Saint Etienne                    OST - What Have You Done Today Mervyn Day?   Deleted    UK 2006 Foreign Office 002   pic M / M- SOLD
Box Saint Etienne Boxette   4 CD Fan Club only comp - unsealed UK 2007 Foreign Office 004   pic M/M- SOLD
CD Saint Etienne Fox Base Beta    re-produced digipak UK 2009 Heavenly HVNLP1CDRX-1   pic M- / M- SOLD
Box Smashing Pumpkins The Aeroplane Flies High    5 x CD EP's w/ booklet US 1996 Virgin  pic Ex / Ex SOLD
CD The Spacious Mind
Cosmic Minds At Play
Swe 1993 Garageland GRCD 006
CD Swara Samrat
The Truth About Suzanne
Ger 1998 Coloured Rain CR016/93CD
CD Ikuro Takahashi                Domori To Sanshu    (300 Only Screenprinted Wooden Slipcase)    US 2005 Siwa SCD 001 M/Ex+
CD James Talley Love Songs & The Blues Ger 1989 Bear Family BCD15464   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
CD James Talley Live     Autographed Ger 1994 Bear Family BCD15704   pic M/M- SOLD
CD Martin Taylor Gold UK 1997 Linn AKD 091   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
CD Thousand Yard Stare Fair To Middling    digipack UK 1992 Polydor POL900   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
CD Toots Thielemans Bluesette NL 1985 CBS 26604   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
CD Uganda  Dawn Of African Rock
Jap 2008 Tiliqua Records TILAR-5012
Ex+/Ex+ SOLD
CD V / A Independent Soul Series - Pre Vue Soul On CD 1 US 1991 Prevue PR-910701-1   pic M/Ex SOLD
CD V / A Independent Soul Series - Pre Vue Soul On CD 2 US 1991 Prevue PR-910802-1   pic M/Ex SOLD
CD V / A Here Comes The Girls - Seven UK 1995 Sequel NEMCD 752   pic M /Ex- SOLD
CD Tom Waits New Coat Of Paint  '77 Radio Broadcast Remasters Records Promo CD     more M/Ex+ SOLD
2CD Walter Wegmuller
Tarot    Box Set With Tarot Cards + Insert
Fr 1994 Spalax Music CD 14900
CD Ruth White
7 Trumps From The Tarot Cards / Pinions
UK 2007 Creel Pone #72
2CD The Who Fort Worth  1976   Promo Live 16-3-76 Heart Breakers HB2050-1   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD Carl Wilson ex Beach Boys Carl Wilson    Japanese w/ lyrics sheet Jap 1981 Sony SRCS 6102   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD Teddy Wilson 1937 Fr. 1990 Classics 531   pic M / Ex SOLD
2CD Woody Shaw Bemsha Swing NL 1997 Blue Note 7243 829029   pic M / Ex SOLD
DVD  Xhol Caravan Talking To My Soul
Ger 2005 Garden Of Delights DVD 01
CD Edward M Zajda
Independent Electronic Music Composer
UK 2005 Creel Pone #15
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