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Updated   24 September, 2020

The B.B. King  Story LP Leadbelly's Take This Hammer LP John Lee Hooker's Chill Out LP  Lightnin' Hopkings Sings The Blues LP The Excello Story double gatefold LP on Blue Horizon label
LP Mick Abrahams Band At Last UK 1981 Edsel ED 335   pic Ex-/Ex- £20
LP Latifa Amal A L'Olympia     Moroccan Mor Koutoubiaphone KTP 33.015   pic Ex-/Ex- £20
LP Frankie Armstrong Lovely On The Water     rear sleeve tear

UK 1972 Topic 12TS216   pic

Vg+Ex- £25
LP The Baird Sisters Until You Find Your Green    Ltd# 54/302  w/ insert    US 2012 Grapefruit GY2-2   pic Ex+Ex- £20
LP Barrelhouse Buck Backcountry Barrelhouse   w/ booklet US 1961 Folkways FG 3554   pic Ex/Ex- £20
LP Abdelhadi Belkhyat El Kamar El Ahmar     Moroccan Mor Koutoubiaphone KTP 33 001   pic Vg+Ex- £30
LP Peter Bellamy  Fair England's Shore   more folksongs & ballads UK 1969 Transatlantic XTRA 1075   pic Ex-Vg+ £30
LP Peter Bellamy Oak, Ash & Thorn UK 1970 Argo ZFB 11   pic Ex-/Ex- £30
LP Peter Bellamy Merlin's Isle Of Gramarye UK 1972 Argo ZFB 81   pic Vg+Ex- £30
7" Duster Bennett I Chose To Sing The Blues UK 1970 Blue Horizon S57-3173   pic Ex-/ Ex £10
LP Birigwa Birigwa US 1972 Seeds Seeds 1   pic Ex-Vg+ £40
LP Mary Black No Frontiers     w/ inner UK 1992 Grapevine Label GRALP 009   pic Ex-/Ex- £40
10" The Broadside The Gypsy's Wedding Day UK 1971 Lincolnshire Association LA4   pic Vg+Vg £20
EP Big Bill Broonzy Big Bill Blues  EP       wos UK 1956 Melodisc EPM 7-65   pic Ex-/Ex £20
7" Big Bill Broonzy Guitar Shuffle UK Vogue 45/V 2351   pic Vg+ £20
7" Big Moose Rambling Woman / Puppy Howl Blues UK 1969 Python PKM 01   pic Vg+ £50
3LP Blackberry Smoke  Homecoming - Live In Atlanta, Georgia 2018
                 Gatefold w/ insert & plectrum
EU 2018 Earache MOSH631LP   pic Ex/ M- £20
LP Blind Lemon Jefferson The Immortal Blind Lemon Jefferson    swos UK 1967 Milestone M 63738   pic Ex-/Ex £25
LP Blind Willie Johnson His story told, annotated & documented... UK 1970 Xtra XTRA1098   pic Ex-/Ex- £20
LP Blind Willie McTell King Of The Georgia Blues Singers UK 1969 Roots RL-324   pic Vg/Ex £15
LP Eddie Boyd Five Long Years NL 1965 Fontana FJL 905   pic Ex+/Ex £50
LP Eddie Boyd 7936 South Rhodes  UK 1968 Blue Horizon 7-63202   pic Ex-Vg+ £90
LP Bridges New City London    Mono self-release UK 1971 Midland Sound MID 1367   pic Vg+Vg+ £45
LP Mel Brown Blues For We     Gatefold / cutout US 1969 Impulse! A-9180   pic Vg+Vg+ £25
LP Brunning Sunflower Blues Band     Bullen St. Blues     Flipback sleeve UK 1968 Saga FID 2118 stereo   pic Vg+Ex- £30
LP Leroy Carr   Accompanied By Scrapper Blackwell And Josh White       Blues Before Sunrise UK 1963 CBS BPG 62206   pic Ex-/Ex- £30
LP Johnny Cash  Sings The Songs That Made Him Famous UK 1959 London HA-S 2157   pic Vg+Ex- £25
LP Johnny Cash  At Folsom Prison UK 1968 CBS 63308   pic Ex+Ex- £20
LP Johnny Cash American Recordings   Vol. 1    w/ inner EU 1994 American Recordings 74321 23685 1  pic Ex-/Ex- £40
LP Champion Jack Dupree From New Orleans To Chicago     swos UK 1966 Decca LK 4747   pic Vg+Ex- £70
LP Champion Jack Dupree Scoobydoobydoo UK 1969 Blue Horizon stereo 7-63214    pic Ex-/Ex- £75
LP Chicago Blues All Stars Loaded With The Blues      Gatefold Fr 197_ MPS 15003   pic Ex/Ex £20
LP Albert Collins Love Can Be Found Anywhere (even in a guitar)  UK 1969 Liberty LBS 83238   pic Ex-Ex+ £30
LP Albert Collins Trash Talkin'  US 1969 Imperial LP-12438   pic Ex-/Ex- £20
LP Albert Collins Truckin' With Albert Collins     Gatefold US 1969 Blue Thumb BTS 8   pic Ex-/Ex- £25
LP Shirley Collins & The Albion Counrty Band       No Roses   Gatefold UK 1971 Pegasus PEG-7   pic Ex-/Ex-
LP Colwell-Winfield Blues Band Cold Wind Blues US 1968 Verve Forecast FTS-3056   pic Ex-/Ex- £25
LP Cecilia Costello Recordings From The Sound Archives
         Of The BBC    Gatefold booklet sleeve
UK 1975 Leader LEE 4054   pic Ex-Vg+ £20
LP James Cotton Cut You Loose! UK 1968 Vanguard SVRL19035   pic Ex-/Ex- £25
LP Cowboy 5'll Getcha Ten     w/ insert UK 1972 Atlantic K40312   pic Ex-/Ex- £25
LP Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup  Roebuck Man UK 1970 United Artists UAS.29092   pic Ex-/Ex- £20
LP Dillard & Clark Through The Morning Through The Night UK 1986 Edsel ED 195   pic Ex-/M- £20
LP Dirty Blues Band  Dirty Blues Band      Flipback UK 1968 Stateside SSL 10234   pic Vg+Ex- £40
LP The Dixie Hummingbirds Prayer For Peace UK 1964 Vogue LAE-P 588   pic Ex-/Ex £25
LP Errol Dixon Blues In The Pot - The Big City Blues Of Errol Dixon      UK 1968 Decca LK 4962 mono   pic Vg+Ex- £70
LP Bonnie Dobson       New record added for sale at Kingbee Records Bonnie Dobson UK 1970 RCA Victor SF 8079 stereo   pic Vg+Ex- £40
LP Bonnie Dobson       New record added for sale at Kingbee Records Good Morning Rain      cutout US 1970 RCA Victor LSP-4277 stereo   pic Ex-/Ex- £25
LP Bonnie Dobson       New record added for sale at Kingbee Records Bonnie Dobson UK 1972 Argo ZFB 79   pic Ex-/Ex- £25
LP Doctor Ross The Harmonica Boss UK 1974 Big Bear BEAR 2   pic Vg+Ex- £20
LP Doukkali La Isid Ktre / Ana Ou Kalbi Fr Edition Hassania EH 2030   pic Ex-Vg+ £20
LP The Druids Pastime With Good Company UK 1972 Argo ZFB 39   pic Ex-/Ex- £30
LP Roky Erickson All That May Do My Rhyme US 1995 Trance Syndicate TR-33   pic Ex-/Ex- £30
LP Étoile De Dakar Absa Gueye Ger Popular African Music pam 02   pic Vg/Ex+ £40
LP The Fates Furia UK 1985 Taboo Hag 1   pic Vg+Ex- £40
LP Jesse Fuller Jazz, Folk Songs, Spirituals & Blues UK 1958 Good Time Jazz LAG 12159   pic Vg+Vg+ £20
LP Furry Lewis Furry Lewis     sticker damage to rear UK 1971 XTRA XTRA 1116   pic Ex-Ex+ £20
LP Djivan Gasparyan I Will Not Be Sad In This World - Duduk Music From Armenia     UK 1989 Land LAND06   pic Ex-Vg+ £20
LP Nass El Ghiwane  Wannadi Ana / Erraghaya Fr 1975 Cléopatre CLEO 376-315   pic Ex-Vg+ £20
LP Gordon Giltrap A Testament Of Time UK 1971 MCA MKPS 2020   pic Vg+Ex- £25
LP Howe Gleb  Gathered     Sealed Gold vinyl UK 2019 Fire FIRELP548   pic M / M £20
LP The Gospelaires Of Dayton, Ohio       Just Faith US 1960 Peacock PLP 103 mono   pic Vg+Vg+ £20
LP Nick Gravenites My Labors US 1969 Columbia CS 9899   pic Ex/Ex- £30
LP Phil Guy    featuring Buddy Guy The Red Hot Blues Of Phil Guy UK 1982 JSP JSP 1047   pic Ex-/Ex £20
LP Abdel Halim Hafez  Nebtidy Meneen     Egyptian Egy 197_ Soutelphan GSTP 08   pic Vg+Ex- £25
LP Abdel Halim Hafez  Habibaha     Egyptian - stereo reissue Egy 1972 Soutelphan GSTP 17   pic Vg+Ex- £25
LP Tim Hardin 4 UK 1969 Verve SVLP 6016   pic Vg+/Ex £20
LP Harlan County Harlan County     sticker mark UK 1970 Nashville 6366 002   pic Vg+Vg+ £20
2LP Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa Black Coffee   Red vinyl gatefold w/ rear crease EU 2018 Provogue PRD75441-2   pic Vg+/M- £20
7" Homesick James  Crossroads UK 1964 Sue WI-319   pic Ex- £50
7" Earl Hooker Boogie, Don't Blot!    Demo UK 1969 Blue Horizon 57-3166   pic Ex- £20
LP The Incredible String Band Wee Tam      Laminated sleeve UK 1968 Elektra EKL 4036 mono   pic Ex-Vg+ £35
LP The Incredible String Band The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter UK 1968 Elektra EUK 258 mono   pic Ex-Vg+ £50
LP Bert Jansch  Avocet UK 1979 Charisma CLASS 6   pic Vg+/Ex £25
LP Bert Jansch The Ornament Tree     w/ inner UK 1990 Run River RRA 0012   pic Ex-/Ex £60
LP Jazz Gillum Jazz Gillum 1938-1947 UK 1966 RCA Victor RD 7816   pic Ex/Ex+ £20
LP Jellybread Sixty-Five Parkway    w/ insert UK 1970 Blue Horizon 2431 002   pic Vg+Ex- £90
LP Jil Jilala  Mazzine Ossolak Fr Plein Soleil 376 911   pic Ex-/Ex- £20
EP Pete Johnson Pete Johnson Plays Jazz Piano UK 1959 Top Rank JRK 8009   pic Ex/Ex £10
LP Nic Jones Nic Jones    self-titled UK 1971 Trailer LER 2027   pic Vg/Ex- £50
2LP Bettina Jonic The Bitter Mirror   Double Gatefold UK 1975 CBS XTRA (D) 1157   pic Vg+Ex+ £15
LP Juke Boy Bonner  The One Man Trio   mono reissue UK 1979 Flyright FLY LP 548   pic Vg+Ex- £20
LP Salif Keita / Ambassadeur International       Mandjou Fr 1984 Celluloid CEL 6721   pic Ex-/Ex- £25
LP Jo Ann Kelly / Peter Emery Do It     Autographed UK 1976 Red Rag RRR 006   pic Ex-/Ex- £30
LP Felá Anikulapo-Kuti Original Sufferhead UK 1981 Arista SPART 1177   pic Ex-Vg+ £20
LP La Liberté  /  Still Waters Seychelles Kamtolé ! Sing  Radsey LP 0002   pic Ex-/Ex- £20
7" J.B.Lenoir I Sing Um The Way I Feel UK 1964 Sue  WI-339   pic Vg+ £30
LP A.L. Lloyd First Person - Some of his favourite folk songs UK 1966 Topic 12T118   pic Ex-/Ex £20
LP Wil Malone Wil Malone     Blue vinyl UK Morgan Blue Town B.T. 5005   pic Ex/Ex £25
LP Samba Mapangala And Orchestre Virunga           Malako UK 1984 Earthworks ERT 1006   pic Vg+Vg+ £45
LP Matthew & The Atlas Other Rivers     w/ inner UK 2014 Communion COMM089   pic Ex+Ex- £25
7" John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers     Crocodile Walk UK 1965 Decca F.12120   pic Ex- £30
7" Joy McCoy One More Greasing / One In A Hundred UK 1959 Jazz Collector JDL 81   pic Ex- £20
LP Fred & Annie Mae McDowell My Home Is In The Delta UK 1966 Bounty BY 6022    pic Ex-Vg+ £30
7" Medicine Head His Guiding Hand UK 1969 Dandelion 4661   pic Ex- £30
LP Memphis Slim Fattenin' Frogs For Snakes UK 1965 Melodisc MLPS12-149  stereo   pic Ex/Ex £20
LP Alex Moore Alex Moore US Arhoolie F 1008   pic Ex-/Ex- £20
LP John Moreland In The Throes   Sealed  w/ insert & download code US 2013 Last Chance LCR027    pic Ex / M £30
LP Morka There Was A Time   Greek Gatefold w/ lyrics insert & poster    Gr 2006 Anazitisi ARLP 70-12   pic Ex-/Ex- £20
LP Oak Welcome To Our Fair UK 1971 Topic 12TS212   pic Ex-/Ex- £25
LP Mustafa Özkent Ve Orkestrasi Gençlik Ile Elele     Gatefold reissue UK 2006 Finders Keepers FKR010LP   pic Ex+Vg+ £25
LP The Pentangle Cruel Sister    Gatefold UK 1970 Transatlantic TRA 228   pic Ex-Vg+ £25
2LP Linda Perhacs Parallelograms     Double gatefold UK 2008 Sunbeam SBR2LP5060   pic Ex/Ex- £20
LP Ted Prillaman & The Virginia Ramblers    The Life & Death Of Charlie Poole US Mart 38693   pic Ex-/Ex- £20
LP Jimmy Reed Soulin'     cutout US 1967 Bluesway BLS-6009   pic Ex-/Ex £20
7" Jimmy Reed  Two Ways To Skin A Cat      Demo UK 1967 His Master's Voice POP 1579   pic Ex £40
LP John Renbourn Sir John Alot Of Merrie Englandes Musyk Thyng
          & Ye Grene Knyghte
UK 1968 Transatlantic TRA 167   pic Ex-/Ex- £30
LP L. C. "Good Rockin" Robinson, Lafayette Thomas,Dave Alexander      Oakland Blues     WOS    UK 1969 Liberty LBS 83234   pic Ex-/Ex- £30
EP Walter Roland And Georgia Slim       The Male Blues Vol. 1 UK 1959 Jazz Collector JEL 2   pic Ex-/Ex £20
LP Bridget St. John Songs For The Gentle Man   Gatefold UK 1971 Dandelion DAN 8007   pic Vg+Vg+ £40
LP Buffy Sainte-Marie Coincidence & Likely Stories    w/ inner EU 1992 Ensign CHEN 23   pic Ex/Ex- £25
LP Scrapper Blackwell Mr. Scrapper's Blues UK 1966 Xtra XTRA 5011   pic Ex-Vg+ £25
LP Robert Shaw Texas Barrelhouse Piano  US Arhoolie F 1010    pic Ex-/Ex- £25
LP Johnny Shines Last Night's Dream UK 1969 Blue Horizon 7-63212   pic Ex-Vg+ £35
LP Sidan Teulu Yncl Sam UK 1975 Sain SAIN 1017M   pic Vg+/Ex £60
LP Siren Strange Locomotion     Gatefold
UK 1971 Dandelion DAN 8001   pic Vg+Ex- £45
LP Sleepy John Estes The Legend Of Sleepy John Estes UK 1962 Esquire 32-195   pic Ex/Ex- £50
LP Sleepy John Estes  Electric Sleep     Stereo UK 1972 Delmark DS-619   pic Ex-/Ex £25
7" Slim Harpo Folsom Prison Blues UK 1969 Blue Horizon 57-3175   pic Ex- £20
LP George Smith & The Chicago Blues Band      Blues With A Feeling UK 1969 Liberty LBL 83218E mono    pic Ex/Ex £40
LP Otis Spann Nobody Knows My Troubles UK 1967 Polydor 545 030 mono  pic Ex-/Ex- £25
LP Otis Spann Nobody Knows My Troubles UK 1967 Bounty BY 6037 mono   pic Ex-/Ex- £30
LP Speckled Red The Dirty Dozens UK 1961 Delmar DL-601   pic Ex-/Ex- £20
LP Stoneground Sunstruck        wos / possibly band? UK 1979 Nut NUT 11   pic Vg+/Ex £20
10" Sugar Chile Robinson Capital Presents... Sugar "Chile" Robinson   sticker mark      UK Capital LC 6586   pic Vg+Vg+ £20
LP Sunnyland Slim  Midnight Jump UK 1969 Blue Horizon S 7-63213   pic Vg+Ex- £80
LP Sunnyland Slim  Slim's Got His Thing Going On UK 1969 Liberty LBS 83237  stereo   pic Vg+Ex- £25
LP Little Johnny Taylor Everybody Knows About My Good Thing US 1972 Mojo 2916-015   pic Ex/Ex 15
7" T-Bone Walker Party Girl  UK 1965 Liberty LIB 12018   pic Vg+ £20
EP Sonny Terry Folk Blues UK 1956 Vogue EPV 1095   pic Ex-Vg+ £30
10" Sonny Terry Harmonica Blues UK 1958 Topic 10T30   pic Vg/Ex- £20
LP Sonny Terry And Brownie McGhee       In London UK 1958 Pye Nixa NJL 18   pic Ex-/Ex- £45
LP Sonny Terry / Brownie McGhee     Livin' With The Blues UK 1960 Fontana 688 006 ZL   pic Ex-/Ex £25
LP Sonny Terry / Brownie McGhee / Bill Broonzy      Sonny Terry/Brownie McGhee/Bill Broonzy    UK 1965 XTRA 1004   pic Ex-/Ex- £20
LP Ali Farka Toure Ali Farka Toure   sticker Fr 1984 Disques Espérance ESP 165558   pic Ex-/Ex- £50
LP Ali Farka Toure      Eight Songs From The Legendary Singer From Mali UK 1988 World Circuit WCB 007   pic Ex-/Ex £20
LP Ali Farka Touré The River UK 1990 World Circuit WCB 017   pic Ex-/Ex £50
LP Transit Express Opus Progressif US 1976 Letters International PILPS-9015  pic Vg+/Ex £30
2LP Trees The Garden Of Jane Delawney    Gatefold w/ book UK 2008 Sunbeam SBR2LP5056   pic Ex+Ex+ £40
LP Tudor Lodge Tudor Lodge    18g vinyl reissue w/ fold-out-booklet It 2005 Akarma AK 320   pic Ex-/M- £30
LP Matt Valentine & Erika Elder Ragas & Blues    Heavyweight vinyl UK 2004 Idea IDEA2006   pic M-/Ex £25
LP V / A                 Blues Fell This Morning   (Rare Recordings Of Southern Blues Singers) UK 1960 Philips BBL.7369 mono    pic Ex-/Ex- £25
LP V / A       New record added for sale at Kingbee Records The Blues Roll On     Flipback w/ insert UK 1960 London LTZ-K 15215 mono   pic Ex+Vg+ £30
EP V / A We Sing The Blues UK 1960 Liberty LEP 4036   pic Ex-Vg+ £40
LP V / A          In Person - The Louisiana Blues With The Fabulous Weldon 'Juke Boy' Bonner   UK 1962 Storyville 616 005  pic Ex-/Ex- £30
EP V / A Alexis Korner Presents Kings Of The Blues vol 2    UK 1963 RCA mono 45-RCX 203   pic Ex+Ex- £20
EP V / A Alexis Korner Presents Kings Of The Blues vol 3    UK 1963 RCA mono 45-RCX 204   pic Ex+Ex- £20
LP V / A Can't Keep From Crying:
    Topical Blues On The Death Of President Kennedy
US 1964 Testament S-01   pic Ex-/Ex- £25
EP V / A Hobos & Drifters UK 1966 The Post War Blues brl 100   pic Ex-/Ex- £40
LP V / A Party Blues US 1966 Melodeon MLP - 7324   pic Vg+Vg+ £20
LP V / A Blues Roots / Chicago - The 1930's   w/ booklet US 1967 RBF RBF 16   pic Ex-/Ex- £25
LP V / A  Me And The Devil: An Anthology Of British Blues UK 1968 Liberty LBL-83190 mono   pic Ex/Ex- £60
LP V / A These Kind Of Blues  Volume One     swol UK 1969 Action ACLP 6009   pic Vg+Ex- £40
LP V / A Barrelhouse Blues And Boogie Woogie ? Storyville SLP 155   pic Ex-/Ex- £20
Box V / A Genesis:  The Beginnings Of Rock  
               4 LP box w/ booklet & inners
UK 1972 Chess 6641 047   pic Ex-/Ex £40
LP V / A Memphis Blues  Vol 2 UK 1970 Roots RL-329   pic Ex-/Ex- £20
LP V / A Cream Of The Crop UK 1970 Roots RL-332   pic Ex/Ex- £20
2LP V / A How Blue Can We Get?       Double gatefold UK 1970 Blue Horizon PR 45/46   pic Ex-/Ex £20
LP V / A  God Give Me Light 1927-1931 US 1972 Herwin Herwin 203   pic Vg+Ex- £20
LP V / A Burundi  - Musiques Traditionelles   die-cut sleeve        Fr 1985 Ocora 558 511   pic Ex+Ex+ £20
3LP V / A Shirley Inspired      Sealed triple vinyl + download code      UK 2015 Earth EARTHLP003    pic M / M £30
LP V / A A Hard Days Night Treatment     
               Sealed embossed Gatefold w/ USB card
UK 2016 ECC100 ECC100-007   pic M / M £20
LP Jimmie Vaughan Strange Pleasure EU 1994 Epic 474268 1   pic Vg+Ex+ £80
LP Warda  Fi Youm We Leilah     Egyptian - stereo Egy 1978 Soutelphan GSTP 110   pic Ex-/Ex- £30
LP Tony Joe White Tony Joe UK 1970 Monument SMO 5043   pic Ex-/Ex- £20
LP William Elliott Whitmore Song Of The Blackbird   Gatefold red vinyl UK 2006 Southern 28130-1   pic Ex-/Ex £25
LP Wally Whyton Leave Them A Flower UK 1971 Fontana STL 5535   pic Vg+Vg+ £40
LP Big Joe Williams Classic Delta Blues     Sticker on label US 1966 Milestone MLP 3001 mono   pic Vg/Ex- £20
LP Hank Williams The Lonesome Sound Of Hank Williams UK 1959 M.G.M. MGM-C-811 mono   pic Ex-/Ex- £20
LP Kathryn Williams Little Black Numbers    Ltd# 0375 220g w/ inner UK 2000 Snowstorm STORM 008LP   pic Ex-/Ex £20
LP Sonny Boy Williamson Blues Classics By Sonny Boy Williamson US 1964 Blues Classics BC-3   pic Ex-/Ex £20
LP Sonny Boy Williamson Portraits In Blues  Vol. 4 UK Storyville SLP 158   pic Ex-Vg+ £30
LP Chuck Willis I Remember Chuck Willis UK 1962 Atlantic ATL 5003 mono   pic Vg+Vg+ £40
LP Witherspoon Mulligan Webster        At The Renaissance UK 1960 Vogue LAE 12253   pic Ex-/Ex- £30
EP Witherspoon Mulligan Webster          At The Renaissance EP UK 1960 Vocalion EPV-H-1278   pic Ex-/Ex- £20
LP Robert Pete Williams  Those Prison Blues    Flipback sleeve UK 1963 77  77 LA 12/17    pic Vg+ Ex- £50
LP Johnny Young I Can't Keep My Foot From Jumping    small hole     US 1973 ABC BLS-6075   pic Ex-/Ex- £25
        Sleeve / Vinyl
 Golden Gate Strings -  Bob Dylan Song Book LP        This Is Tim Hardin LP  Bukka White LP          John Lee Hooker - Wednesday Evenin EP   Joe Turner's Boss Of The Blues LP B.B. King  - Every Day I Have The Blues EP          Leadbelly's Classics In Jazz LP        Woody Guthrie - Bound For Glory LP        Dave Swarbrick - Rags, Reels & Airs LP
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