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The Ikettes - Fine Fine Fine EP  The Originals - Green Grow The Lilacs LP David Ruffin - David - unreleased LP on CD  Mary Wells - The Two Sides Of Mary Wells LP - DJ Copy Marvin Gaye - Self-titled original Motown LP
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7" Abraham Funky Spider And  /  Scared Fly    Promo US 1973 Hy Sign 3514   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Barbara Acklin Seven Days Of Night    promo US Brunswick BL 754148   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
2LP Cannonball Adderley Soul Zodiac      Gatefold / cutout / sticker mark US 1972 Capitol SVBB-11025   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Adrenalin Feel The Real     White label UK 1979 Hithouse 12 HIT 2   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Afrique Soul Makossa US 1973 Mainstream MRL 394   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Aggression Starship US Plum Good PG-112   pic Ex SOLD
12" Air Power Be Yourself US 1979 AVI AVI-12-252-D   pic Ex+/Ex SOLD
12" Donald Albert The Hardest Part     Sealed ? Run-A-Way RAW 02   pic M SOLD
LP Arthur Alexander You Better Move On     wos UK 1962 London HA-D 2457 mono   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
EP Arthur Alexander Alexander The Great UK 1963 London RE-D 1364 mono   pic / pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Goldie Alexander Go Back US 1981 Chez Ro CHDS-2521   pic Ex SOLD
7" Ann Alford Got To Get Me A Job US Hy Sign 2111   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Arlana You Can't Keep Breaking My Heart US 1983 Peach Tree PT 20003   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Joshie Jo Armstead In The Right Place US Preacher Rose ROSE 1   pic / pic Ex+ SOLD
7" Chuck Armstrong Black Foxy Woman UK 1973 Action ACT 4620    pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Brenda Arnau  Electra Flash UK 1980 Pye 7P 185   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" Asphalt Jungle Freakin' Time Pt 1 & Pt 2 US 1979 TEC #65   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Leon Austin Respect / Turn Me Loose    Drill hole US Starday-King 45-6247   pic Vg+ SOLD
12" Avonn Everybody Get Down US RBL RB-1001   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Arlene Bailey I Got My Game Plan Working Baby US 1987  AGB   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Darrell Banks Here To Stay      US Demo US 1969 Volt VOS-6002   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Darrell Banks Here To Stay      Flipback UK 1969 Stax SXATS 1011   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP Darrell Banks Darrell Banks Is Here ! Aust 2015 Blank Recording Co BRC-009   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
7" Myra Barnes

The Message From The Soul Sisters Pt.1 / 2

US Starday-King 45-6334   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Chris Bartley The Sweetest Thing This Side Of Heaven  DJ Copy  US Vando VA60,000  pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
7" Tommy Bass (Can't Help It, Baby) This Is My Thing US Soulful 1004   pic Ex SOLD
12" Beloyd Today All Day / Get Into To Your Life UK 2007 Jazzman JM12.009   pic Ex SOLD
12" Jim Bennett & New Directions     Let's Get It Together US 1986 Future F 0011   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
7" Jackie Berns I Still Love You     Boogie US Tacular VPAG-3683   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Melvin Bliss Synthetic Substitution UK 1973 Contempo CS.2013   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" B.O.F Band I've Got Your Number US Du Par  BOFB-001     pic  / pic Ex-Ex- SOLD
7" Beau Dollar Who Knows     swol US King 45-6286   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Bill  Space Lady  /  I Feel Good With You US 1980 Dollar Bill RR-42480   pic / pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Bird Rollins No Heat No Hot Water US 1978 Magnet MAGNET 7   pic Ex SOLD
LP The Blackbyrds Cornbread, Earl And Me     Sealed US 1975 Fantasy F-9483   pic Ex / M SOLD
12" Blair Night Life UK 1979 Miracle M4-12   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Bobby Bland Two Steps From The Blues UK 1962 Vogue  VA.160183   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
EP Bobby Bland Ain't Doing Too Bad (Part 1+2) UK 1964 Vogue VE-P170157   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
LP Bobby Bland Impressions Of Bobby Bland - Ain't Nothing You Can Do      UK 1964 Vocalion VA-P 8027   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
7" Bobby Bland That Did It UK 1967 Sue WI-4044   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Bobby Bland A Piece Of Gold UK 1969 Action ACLP 6006   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Bobby Bland Dreamer     Gatefold US 1974 ABC/Dunhill DSX 50169   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
2LP Mary J Blige My Life     Double LP UK 1994 MCA MCA 11156   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
2LP Mary J Blige Growing Pains     Double LP US 2007 Geffen  B0010333-01   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Melvin Bliss  Reward / Synthetic Substitution US 1973 Sunburst  SU-527   pic Ex+ SOLD
7" Eddie Bo Can You Handle It US Bo Sound BS-5116   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Bob And Earl Don't Ever Leave Me UK Sue WI-4030   pic Ex SOLD
LP Bohannon Stop & Go US 1973 Dakar DK 76903   pic / pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP Lou Bond Lou Bond US 1974 We Produce XPS-1904   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Boobie Knight & The Soulciety Soul Ain't No New Thing    Cutout US 1972 RCA Victor LSP-4608   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Boobie Knight & The Universal Lady       Sex US 1974 Brian Music   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Booker T. & The MG's Doin' Our Thing US 1968 Stax S 724 stereo   pic Ex+Ex+ SOLD
  Booker T. & The M.G's Tour Programme    12 pages 1969    pic Vg SOLD
7" Tony Borders Cheaters Never Win   Drill hole US Revue R-11025   pic Ex SOLD
12" Candy Bowman I Wanna Feel Your Love US 1981 RCA PD-12305   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Bobby Boyd  Why Are You Crying UK 2012 Street Soul SSR20   pic Ex- SOLD
2LP The Brand New Heavies Shelter         Double gatefold UK 1997 FFRR 828 887-1   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
12" Bennie Braxton Come To Me US 1983 Phanelson 960   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Brenda And The Tabulations Dry Your Eyes US 1967 Dionn LPS 2000 stereo   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
12" Bridge Baby Don't Hold Your Love Back   Promo US 1985 Atlantic  DMD 833   pic Vg+/Ex SOLD
LP Tom Brock I Love You More And More US 1974 20th Century  T-430   pic / pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
7" Chuck Brooks Black Sheep UK 1969 Soul City SC116   pic Ex SOLD
7" Brother Soul Train Song   Part 1 & 2 US Janion JS-101   pic / pic Ex SOLD
12" Brotherly Love  Hey, Sweet Lady   Promo US 1990 Skyline SKYP901   pic Ex SOLD
7" Arlean Brown  Impeach Me Baby US LaNoRmAya LR 3939   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" James Brown Think / You've Got The Power UK 1960 Parlophone 45-R 4667   pic Ex SOLD
7" James Brown Shout And Shimmy UK 1962 Parlophone 45-R 4952   pic Ex- SOLD
LP James Brown Sings Raw Soul US King KS 1016   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
EP James Brown & The Famous Flames       Bring It Up UK 1967 Pye NEP 44088   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
2LP James Brown The Payback     Gatefold / w/ cutout US 1973 Polydor PD 2-3007   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
2LP James Brown  Hell     Gatefold / wol UK 1974 Polydor 2659 036   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
7" Odell Brown & The Organizers No More Water In The Well    DJ Copy US Cadet 5591   pic Vg+ SOLD
12" Leroy Burgess Heartbreaker US 1983 Salsoul SG 409   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Solomon Burke The Best Of Solomon Burke UK 1966 Atlantic 588016   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Bee Bee Butler Sweet Sweet Life US SMC #110    pic Ex- SOLD
LP Jesse Butler Free To Be Me US 1984 Bound Sound BS-1008   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Butterball Butterballs US Fast Eddie 101   pic Ex- SOLD
7" B.W. Souls Marvin's Groove US Round 45-1038   pic Ex+ SOLD
7" C & C Music Factory Share That Beat Of Love UK 2011 Street Soul SSR11   pic Ex- SOLD
7" C.L. Blast Love Is Good      Promo US Crestown 1000   pic Ex- SOLD
7" C. Q. C.' S. If You Ain't Got No Money / Wake Up US 1977 Funk Factory 1001   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" C# Sharp With Love Machine Orch     Don't Send Me Away US 1986 Rock Candy  RC 23 & 24   pic Ex- SOLD
12" G.C. Cameron Live For Love UK 1980 Flamingo FM T-11   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
12" Janice Cambell Spring US 1980 Cadillac CS 33-802   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
7" Milton Campbell & The R.D.M. Band      Sweetthing US Zoom Z-100   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Camille Bob Brother Brown US 1972 Soul Unlimited 102   pic Ex+ SOLD
LP Candye Right Now     w/ lyrics inner US 1986 Presents CA 100   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
7" Mark Capanni I Believe In Miracles     Promo UK 2010 Jazzman JM.074   pic Ex- SOLD
EP James Carr That's What I Want To Know Fr Columbia ESRF 1788   pic Vg+/Ex SOLD
LP James Carr A Man Needs A Woman UK 1968 Bell SBLL 113   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP James Carr A Man Needs A Woman      Sealed US 1968 Goldwax GW-3002   pic Ex-/ M SOLD
12" The Castle Beat  Today, Tomorrow And Forever US 1987 Rama RR 101   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Jimmy Castor Hey Leroy US 1968 Smash MGS 27091 mono   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Jimmy Castor It's Just Begun   Mix By Larry Levan US 1983 Salsoul SG 403   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
7" Antonio Castro W.E.L.F.A.R.E. UK 2012 Jazzman JM.091   pic Ex SOLD
7" Betty Cee Lovesick         Boogie US 1985 AL Turn ATR-001   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Chairmen Of The Board The Chairman Of The Board UK 1970 Invictus SVT 1002   pic Ex+/Ex SOLD
LP Chairmen Of The Board Skin I'm In US 1974 Invictus KZ 32526  pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
2LP The Chambers Brothers Love, Peace & Happiness   Gatefold UK 1969 Direction 8-66228   pic  Ex/Ex SOLD
LP Tony Chambers Can't Let This Moment Go US 1981 Mopres MP 1302   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" The Chants I've Been Trying UK 1976 Chipping Norton CHIP 2   pic Ex+ SOLD
LP Charles Good For Ya US 1989 Ham-Sem LP 1007   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Oliver Cheatham Get Down Saturday Night UK 1983 MCA MCAT 828   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Chicago Gangsters Blind Over You     small cutout US 1975 Gold Plate GP 1011   pic Ex+Ex- SOLD
7" Chico & Buddy Can You Dig It US Tayster TS-6025   pic Ex SOLD
7" The Chimes The Beginning Of My Life US 1970 Down To Earth 72   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Chosen Few Ohh! I Want You Baby US 1978 Faces  FACES 2019   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Tony Christie  Nobody In The World UK 2010 Acid Jazz AJX246S   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Circle City Band Magic US 1983 Circle City CC-053183   pic / pic Ex- SOLD
LP Civil Attack Civil Attack US 1983 Salsoul SA 8563   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Chris Clark I Want To Go Back There Again    Demo UK 1967 Tamla Motown TMG 638   pic Ex+ SOLD
LP Greg Clayborn The G-Man From Me To You US 1983 The G-Man GEE-101   pic M-/Ex+ SOLD
LP Merry Clayton Gimme Shelter
UK 1970 A&M AMLS 995   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP Merry Clayton Gimme Shelter US 1970 Ode SP-77001 stereo   pic Ex/Vg+ SOLD
7" The Coasters  Love Potion Number Nine  UK 1971 Parlophone R 5931   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP Odia Coates Odia Coates     Sealed US 1975 United Artists UA-LA228-G-0698  pic Ex+/M SOLD
12" James Cobbin & Prime Cut Caught In The Middle US 1984 Tuckwood TW 102   pic Ex SOLD
7" Dennis Coffey Theme From Black Belt Jones US 1974 Warner Bros WB 7769   pic Ex SOLD
LP Dennis Coffey Finger Lickin Good     Cutout US 1975 Westbound W-212   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
7" Michael J. Coleman I'm Falling For You US 1976 Sound Stage 45-2501   pic Vg+ SOLD
12" Colors Am I Gonna Be The One US 1983 First Take FTR 515    pic / pic / pic Ex- SOLD
12" Common Sense Just Can't Help Myself (I Really Love You) Company sleeve     US 1980 BC BC 4005   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" Community People Education Wrap     Sealed US 1980 Delmar International DI-747   pic M SOLD
2x12"  Norman Connors                  presents Aquarian Dream  Gatefold die cut sleeve UK 1978 Buddah DISCO8   pic Vg/Ex SOLD
7" Contagious Music Freak US 1979 Berl BR 5751   pic Ex- SOLD
LP James Conwell Let It All Out   corner cut US 1977 Guinness GNS 36007 BS   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
LP Sam Cooke Hits Of The '50s   Flipback UK 1960 RCA SF 5098 stereo   pic Ex+Ex- SOLD
LP Sam Cooke  Twistin' The Night Away    Flipback UK 1962 RCA Victor RD-27263 mono   pic / pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Sam Cooke Ain't That Good News UK  1964 RCA Victor RD-7635   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP Sam Cooke Shake UK  1965 RCA Victor RD-7730   pic Ex/Ex+ SOLD
12" Cookie Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover US 1982 Le Jazz C 2807   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Craig T. Cooper Project  Love Dues US 1989 Valley Vue D1-72947   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
7" Cotillion  If You Give A Dance US C-Wind 121157-1   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Clifford Coulter The Better Part Of Me     Promo-stamped sleeve US 1980 Columbia NJC 35786   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP The Counts What's Up Front That-Counts US 1971 Westbound WB 2011   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP The Counts Love Sign     Die-cut gatefold / cutout US 1973 Aware AA 2002   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Kim Covington All Of My Love       Boogie Can 1983 Street-Level SLR-1201   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Matt Covington I'm So In Love With You US April A-4000   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Charles Crawford Fat 'N' Funky US My Sign 2114   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Creation I'm So Lonely    wol US Prolific / Community C-704   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Creative Funk Funk Power US 1972 Creative Funk CF 12,000   pic Ex- SOLD
7" The Crow Your Autumn Of Tomorrow US 1975 Right On! RO 101   pic / pic Ex- SOLD
7" The Daley Diggers I Can Dig It US Marmaduke M-001   pic Ex SOLD
LP Liz Dargan and The Gospelettes     Everything's Gonna Be Alright US 1973 ABC Songbird SBLP-229   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Betty Davis Nasty Gal      Sealed reissue US 4th & Broadway BWAY 4013   pic M- / M SOLD
12" John Davis W/ The Monster Orchestra          Bourgie', Bourgie'        Promo US 1979 Columbia AS 664   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Krystal Davis So Smooth US 1985 Urban Rock UR 919   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
12" Luther Davis Group  You Can Be A Star  US 2003 Soul Cal SCR-101   pic Ex+Ex- SOLD
7" James Dee & The Piece Of Action      Brother James US Enrica 1017   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Kiki Dee Great Expectations     wos UK 1970 Tamla Motown STML 11158   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
7" The Dee Felice Trio There Was A Time US Bethlehem 45-3094   pic Ex SOLD
LP Sam Dees The Show Must Go On     US cutout / Promo DJ copy sticker     US 1975 Atlantic SD 18134   pic Vg+Ex SOLD
LP Sam Dees The Show Must Go On     US cutout US 1975 Atlantic SD 18134   pic / pic / pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Sam Dees The Show Must Go On US 1975 Atlantic SD 18134   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Sam Dees The Show Must Go On   Sealed US 1975 Atlantic SD 18134   pic Ex+/M SOLD
LP The Delfonics La La Means I LoveYou US 1968 Philly Groove LP 1150   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP The Delfonics Sound Of Sexy Soul     Sealed US 1969 Philly Groove LP 1151   pic Ex / M SOLD
7" Dale Dennard If You Can Live With Yourself US 1972 Coach COA 114   pic Ex- SOLD
7" The Deacons Sock It To Me Part I / II US Shama S-100 / SH-1145   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP The Detroit Spinners The Detroit Spinners    Flipback UK 1967 Tamla Motown TML 11060 mono  pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
7" The Devils  The X-Sorsist US 1974 People PE 637   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Dezign How To Do It UK 1984 EN-AY  AM 264   pic Ex SOLD
2LP Dimitri From Paris In The House Of Love (Part 1) UK 2006 ITH ITHLOVE01 LP1   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
2LP Dimitri From Paris In The House Of Love (Part 2) UK 2006 ITH  ITHLOVE01 LP2   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Dr. Love & Sister Love Dr. Love & Sister Love Rap   Part 1 & 2 US Heavenly Star 724   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Ned Doheny Prone     w/ insert - no obi Jap 1979 CBS/Sony 25AP 1359   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Ned Doheny Prone    Japanese w/ 2 inserts + Obi
Jap 1979 CBS/Sony 25AP 1359   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Ned Doheny To Prove My Love     Promo UK 1981 CBS S CBS 9481   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Lou Donaldson Everything I Play Is Funky     Gatefold US 1970 Blue Note BST 84337   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP Lee Dorsey Yes We Can UK 1970 Polydor 2498 006   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
7" Downtown Funk Me Baby! US 1977 Arc IRDA 401   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP Gene Dozier And The Brotherhood     Blues Power     Sealed US 1967 Minit LP- 24010   pic Ex / M SOLD
LP Lamont Dozier             The New Lamont Dozier Album - Love And Beauty      Sealed     US 1974 Invictus KZ 33134   pic Ex+/M SOLD
12" Lamont Dozier Going Back To My Roots   promo US 1977 Warner Bros.  PRO 665   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Patti Drew The Mighty O.J. UK 1975 Innovation II IV 9165   pic Vg+ SOLD
EP The Drifters The Drifters' Greatest Hits UK 1960 London Atlantic RE-K 1282 mono   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
7" Diane Ducane Better Late Than Never UK 1979 Contact CON 2   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Dwele Rize US 2004 BZL 001   pic Ex SOLD
LP Ada Dyer Ada Dyer US 1990 Motown MOT-6284   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
7" Dynamic Concepts Whatcha Want Us To Do  Part 1 US Smog City WF 100   pic Ex- SOLD
LP The Dynamics First Landing    cutout US 1969 Cotillion SD 9009   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
7" The Dynasonics You Got It US Dynamics D-1014   pic Ex- SOLD
12" The Earls Get On Up And Dance US 1976 Woodbury D 1ooo   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Thomas East & The Fabulous Playboys       Bad Thing US Toddlin' Town 122   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Eastwind Nabbit Juice US Magic Minstrel 3002   pic Ex+ SOLD
LP Billy Eckstine The Prime Of My Life UK 1965 Tamla Motown STML 11025   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
7" Edee Make It Last US 1977 ICA ICA-022   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Donnie Elbert You Can Push It (Or Pull It) UK Sue WI-396   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP The Elgins Darling Baby UK 1968 Tamla TML 11081  pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP The Elgins Darling Baby    Stereo UK 1968 Tamla Motown STML 11081   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
7" David Emmanuel  Giving It Up For Love     Boogie UK 1983 White Lodge WL 1   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP The Emotions So I Can Love You US 1971 Volt VOS-6008   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP Enchantment Utopia US 1983 Columbia FC 38959   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
12" Epicenter feat. Sandra Feva  You Can't Come Up In Here No More  Ltd US 1986 Krisma KR1001 A12ST   pic
7" Eric & The Vikings Vibrations US Soulhawk SH-10   pic Vg+ SOLD
12" May Ervin Let's Call It Quits / What Is It    Boogie US Music International ME-001   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Evans Pyramid The Dip Drop  /  Never Gonna Leave You US Funk DISCO DISC 1010   pic Ex+ SOLD
LP Betty Everett It's In His Kiss    wos UK 1965 Fontana TL 5236   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
EP Betty Everett Hands Off    Sticker mark on rear Fr Fontana 460.800 ME   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Betty Everett There'll Come A Time UK 1969 Uni UNLS 109   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" Peven Everett Stuck UK 2006 Soul Heaven SHR001   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
12" Peven Everett Stuck    wol UK 2006 Soul Heaven SHR001   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
12" Peven Everett  Feelin You In And Out     wol US 2007 Symple Soul SYL-005   pic Ex+ SOLD
EP The Exciters Do Wah Diddy Diddy UK 1963 United Artists UEP 1005 mono   pic Ex/M- SOLD
LP The Exciters Tell Him    wos wol UK 1963 United Artists ULP 1032 mono   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP The Exciters Caviar And Chitlins    Sealed US 1969 RCA LSP - 4211   pic Ex+/M SOLD
7" The Exciters Blowing Up My Mind ! US 1972 RCA 481035 mono   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Executive Suite Executive Suite 1 UK 1974 Polydor 2310 400   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
LP Exit 9 Straight Up US 1975 BRC BRC 7-7006   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" The Exotics Boogaloo Investigator US Excello 2284   pic Ex SOLD
LP The Exoutics The Exoutic Touch    w/ seam split inner US 1980 Dee Gee Prod 41341   pic Vg/Ex- SOLD
LP The Fabulous Counts Jan Jan US 1969 Cotillion SD 9011   pic Ex/Vg+ SOLD
LP The Family Tree We Shall See Him As He Is    Sealed US Cheri C-LP-8702   pic Ex+/M SOLD
LP The Family Tree We Shall See Him As He Is US Cheri C-LP-8702   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP The Fatback Band Let's Do It Again US 1972 Perception PLP 28   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP The Fatback Band People Music  US 1973 Perception PLP-43   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" The Fatback Band Night Fever    Promo Ger 1976 Polydor 2391 235    pic Vg+ SOLD
12" The Fatback Band Spanish Hustle It 2019 Groovin Recordings GR 1248    pic Ex+Ex+ SOLD
LP F.B.I. F.B.I. UK 1976 Good Earth GDS 802   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" Les Femmes Yes, You Thrill Me US 1984 Kee Wee KW 8407   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Lee Fields You Been Cutting Out On Me US 1974 Norfolk Sound NS-1001   pic Vg+ SOLD
12" Fifth Of Heaven Just A Little More UK 1989 Mix Out  12 F.O.H. 1   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP The Five Stairsteps Stairsteps UK 1970 Buddah 2359 005   pic / pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Flashlight Flashlight Can 1978 Philly Groove PG 8000   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Garfield Fleming Don't Send Me Away US 1981 Becket  BKD 505   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP The Flirtations Sounds Like The Flirtations UK 1969 Deram SML 1046 stereo   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
7" Phil Flowers & The Flower Shop    Keep On Sockin' It Children   drill hole US A&M 1122   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Foreal People Love Begins With You US 1981 Tropique TD 102   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Sharon Forrester Sharon       w/ insert UK 1974 Vulcan VULP 002   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Four Tops On Top         stereo flipback UK 1966 Tamla Motown STML 11037   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Inez Foxx Ask Me UK Sue WI-314   pic Ex SOLD
7" Inez & Charlie Foxx La De Da I Love You UK Sue WI-356   pic Ex SOLD
7" Ruff Francis & The Illusions Give Me Mercy US Essica 002   pic Ex SOLD
LP Aretha Franklin Yeah!!!   In Person With Her Quartet UK 1965 CBS BPG 62566 mono   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Henry Franklin We Came To Play (The Skipper .... And Crew)     US 1985 Daagnim   pic Ex/Vg+ SOLD
12" Billy Frazier & Friends  Billy Who?    Short & Long versions US Biljuma 001   pic / pic Ex- SOLD
7" Freddi And Henchi  Mr. Funky     Promo US 1974 Reprise REP 1207   pic Ex SOLD
12" Fredia D Why Can't I Be With You US 1983 A.W.D. 308072   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Frequency Loosen Up US 1979 Hard Boiled HRB 2001   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
7" Lowell Fulsom Too Many Drivers UK 1965 Sue WI-375   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Lowell Fulsom Tramp US Kent KLMP 520/5020   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
12" Funhill Me My Turn UK 1991 Seventh Heaven SH 001   pic Ex SOLD
LP Funk Inc. Priced To Sell   Cutout US 1974 Prestige P-10087   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Funk Fusion Band Can You Feel It    Progressive & edited versions US 1981 WMOT 4W9 02416   pic Ex- SOLD
LP The Fuzz The Fuzz US 1971 Calla SC-2001    pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Grady Gaines Let Your Thing Hang Down US 1974 Jay 101   pic Ex SOLD
LP The Gap Band Magicians Holiday      Cut out
US 1974 Shelter SR-2111   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
7" Dee Dee Gartrell Second Hand Love US Maverick MA-1006   pic Ex SOLD
7" Rex Garvin And The Mighty Cravers      Raw Funky    Promo US Uptown 760   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Christian Gaubert Last Exit Jap 2006 Production Dessinée PDLP-003   pic Ex+/Ex SOLD
7" Marvin Gaye How Sweet It Is      swols UK 1964 Stateside SS 360   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Marvin Gaye Marvin Gaye     Flipback UK 1964 Stateside SL 10100 mono   pic  /  pic Vg+Ex SOLD
LP Marvin Gaye When I'm Alone I Cry US 1964 Tamla TM 251   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP Marvin Gaye A Tribute To The Great Nat King Cole UK 1965 Tamla Motown TML 11022   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston Take Two UK 1967 Tamla Motown STML 11049   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Marvin Gaye In The Groove      Flipback UK 1968 Tamla Motown STML 11091   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" Marvin Gaye /
Let's Get It On / Papa Was A Rolling Stone
               Promo white label - 4 Mixes
UK 2005 Motown MOTOWNREVP1   pic Vg /Ex SOLD
12" Marvin Gaye Mercy Mercy Me  (Rapson Edits) UK 2008 SPM  SPM001   pic Ex SOLD
LP General Crook General Crook US 1974 Wand WDS 697   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
7" Casietta George Let's Get Together US Audio Arts 60022   pic Ex SOLD
LP Ghalib Ghallab A Milestone In My Life      Sealed US 1985 Shabazz SZ-777   pic Ex / M SOLD
LP Ghalib Ghallab  Let Me Love You      Sealed US 1987 Shabazz SZ-778   pic Ex / M SOLD
LP Ghalib Ghallab Let Me Love You US 1987 Shabazz SZ-778   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
12" John Gibbs With The Jam Band    J'Ouvert    Promo US 1979 TEC 61   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Gift Of Dreams  Gift Of Dreams 1983 Jam Power JP-LP-002   pic Vg+ SOLD
12" Gifted Four Fallen Star       b/w Are You Choosing US  HSR-104    pic Ex+ SOLD
7" Eddy G. Giles Soul Feeling    wols / drill hole US Murco 1048   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Cheryl Glasgow Glued To The Spot UK 1987 Live ALIVE 2   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Bobby Glenn Shout It Out ! US 1976 Koala KST-5004   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP Garry Glenn  Garry Glenn      Sealed US 1980 PPL PP-0201-2   pic Ex / M SOLD
7" The Golden Toadstools Silly Savage US Minaret MIN-138   pic Ex SOLD
12" The Gongs Gang Gimme Your Love It 1983 Phoenix PHOMIX 313   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
7" Otis Goodwin I Feel It Just A Little Bit US 1969 Jazz ZT010   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Jesse Gould Out Of Work US 1977 P&P  P&P 12-2222   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP Grace Love & The True Loves Grace Love & The True Loves    Ltd# 200 US 2015 True Love TLR001   pic Ex / Ex SOLD
12" Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five       Superappin' US 1979 Enjoy 6001   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
12" Jimmy Gray The Kool People UK 1982 JKO 12 JKO 100   pic Vg+ SOLD
12" Al Green Keep On Pushing Love   Promo - exclusive mixes    UK 1994 RCA KEEP 1   pic / pic Ex- SOLD
12" Laura Greene Super Sexy Red Hot Love US 1986 Greene Street GSR-1013   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Sam Green Right Place Right Time US 1989 D & G D&G LP1008   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Charles Greene Double Agent US Anla ANL 108   pic Ex- SOLD
12" J.D. Hall Freak On Down US 1983 Essar  SR-1203   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Halloween Come See What It's All About     Promo US 1979 Mercury SRM 1-3801   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
7" Roy Hamilton The Dark End Of The Street UK 1970 Deep Soul DS 9106   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Larry Hancock Borderline Fr 1988 Dessca 66522   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Harry Hann Bump And Run US 1977 Siren SN 467   pic Ex SOLD
7" Lavell Hardy Don't Lose Your Groove US Rojac ROJ-117   pic / pic Ex- SOLD
2LP Roy Hargrove presents The RH Factor      Hard Groove   stickered sleeve UK 2003 Verve 065 192-1   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP Carey Harns & Michael Orr Spread Love     w/ insert US 2000 Counterpoint CRLP008   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP Betty Harris Soul Perfection UK 1969 Action ACLP 6007   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Bill Harris Am I Cold, Am I Hot   (Short & Long Versions) US 1975 RCA PB-10520   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Johnny Harris Odyssey US 1980 Sunshine Sound Disco SSD-4216  pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Tina Harvey Nowhere To Run UK 1972 UK UK 24   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
LP Leon Haywood The Mellow Mellow Leon Haywood   wos US Galaxy 206 mono   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Leon Haywood It's Got To Be Mellow UK 1967 MCA  MUPS 369   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP Eddie Hazel Game, Dames And Guitar Thangs    sealed cutout     US 1977 Warner BSK 3058   pic Ex / M SOLD
LP Eddie Hazel Game, Dames & Guitar Thangs US 1977 Warner Bros. BS 3058   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
7" Heatwave Ain't No Half Steppin' UK 1976 GTO GT 59   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Greg Henderson Never Too Late (To Find A Love) US 1984 Rain A253   pic / pic Ex+ SOLD
LP The Hesitations Soul Superman US Kapp KL-1525   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
7" Jimmy Hicks I'm Mr. Big Stuff  US Big Deal 1003   pic Ex SOLD
LP High Fashion Make Up Your Mind     wos US 1983 Capitol ST-12287   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" High Life Switch Hitter US 1986 Thom/Tay T/T 1028   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Eddie Hinton Very Extremely Dangerous US 1978 Capricorn CPN 0204   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
LP Jimmy Holiday Turning Point US Minit LP-40005   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Brenda Holloway Hurt A Litte Everyday     Sticker on labels UK 1966 Tamla Motown TMG 581   pic M SOLD
LP Brenda Holloway The Artistry Of Brenda Holloway Stereo flipback    UK 1967 Tamla Motown STML 11083   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Brenda Holloway The Artistry Of Brenda Holloway Stereo flipback     UK 1967 Tamla Motown STML 11083   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Mary Holmes Soul Brother    Promo US Nassau NA-100   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Honey & The Bees Baby Do That Thing US ArcticA-HTB12   pic Ex SOLD
7" The Honey Drippers Impeach The President US 1973 Alaga AL-1017   pic Ex SOLD
LP Mary Jane Hooper Psychedelphia US 1997 Funky Delicacies DEL LP 0008   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Thelma Houston I'm Here Again    Promo - Special Disco Version US 1977 Motown PR-33   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Freddie Hubbard / Flowers Sunflower / For Real Swe 2011 G.A.M.M. GAMM068   pic Ex SOLD
7" Al Hudson & The Soul Partners Spread Love US 1978 ABC AB-12385   pic Ex SOLD
12" Al Hudson & The Soul Partners         Spread Love     Company sleeve UK 1978 ABC ABCT 4238   pic  Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" Hudson People Trip To Your Mind UK 1979 Ensign ENY 2712   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Fred Hughes Baby Boy    cutout US 1969 Brunswick BL 754157   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
7" Jimmy Hughes Goodbye My Love UK 1965 Sue WI-4006   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Rhetta Hughes You're Doing With Her (When It Should Be Me)   US 1968 Tetragrammaton T-1505   pic Ex+ SOLD
7" Rhetta Hughes You're Doing With Her (When It Should Be Me) US 1968 Tetragrammaton T-1505   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Bobbi Humphrey Baby Don't You Know    Promo-stamped label US 1982 Uno Melodic UMD-8000   pic Ex SOLD
LP Willie Hutch  Season For Love     cut-out US 1970 RCA LSP-4296   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
LP Leroy Hutson The Man    Cut out w/ lyrics insert US 1973 Curton CRS 8082   pic Ex+Ex- SOLD
LP Leroy Hutson Hutson US 1975 Warner Bros.  K 56139   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Leroy Hutson feat. The Free Spirit Symphony    Feel The Spirit     Sealed US 1976 Curton CU 5010   pic Ex / M SOLD
EP The Ikettes Fine Fine Fine UK 1965 Stateside SE 1033   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
7" The Ikettes Prisoner In Love UK 1965 Sue WI-389   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Illusion Of A Band Work Me     boogie US 1985 Jas Star JS 1005   pic Ex- SOLD
7" The Illusions The Funkey Donkey US Showtime STR-1818   pic Ex- SOLD
7" The Impacs Good Old Funky Feelin US Land 141   pic Ex- SOLD
LP The Impressions Keep On Pushing    Seam split US 1964 ABC-Paramount ABCS 493   pic Vg/Vg+ SOLD
EP The Impressions Soulfully    swos UK 1965 HMV 7EG 8954 mono   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP The Impressions The Fabulous Impressions    Flipback UK 1967 HMV CLP 3631   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP The Impressions Big Sixteen    Flipback UK HMV CSD 1642   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
Box The Incredible Bongo Band The Incredible Bongo Band    5 x 7" Box Sealed RSD 2016      UK 2016 Mr Bongo  MRB7128   pic Ex / M SOLD
LP I.N.D. Into New Dimensions
US 1981 Erect ESLP 302   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" I.N.D. Everybody Likes To Do It   promo US 1981 Erect ERD1212   pic M/Ex- SOLD
LP Ingram That's All        Sealed US 1977 H & L  HL-69021   pic M / M SOLD
12" Inner Passion After Hours Spot US 1980 Delmar International DI-0700   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Intrigue No Turning Back       Boogie UK 1984 Music Power MPR(T) 1   pic Ex- SOLD
LP The Intruders The Intruders Are Together US 1967 Gamble GS-5001   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Ish Don't Stop    Company inner & sleeve US 1979 T.K.Disco  TKD-156    pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP The Isley Bros. This Old Heart Of Mine     Flipback UK 1966 Tamla Motown TML 11034 mono   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" Joy Jacinth Baby Boy / Red Lights       Boogie UK 1984 Zebratone  ZTD 98B   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Chuck Jackson I Don't Want To Cry ! US 1961 Wand  WAND LP-650   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
7" Chuck Jackson The Breaking Point UK Top Rank  JAR-607   pic Ex SOLD
12" Dee D Jackson Automatic Lover     Red vinyl Can 1977 Inter Global Music IGM-001   pic Vg+/Ex SOLD
7" Jackson Five Big Boy    drill hole / sticker mark US Steeltown  45-681   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP The Jackson 5 Greatest Hits     Quad Japanese w/ insert Jap 1975 Motown  CD4W-7090   pic Vg/Vg+ SOLD
7" The Jackson Sisters I Believe In Miracles    solid centre UK 1973 Mums  S  MUM 1829   pic / pic / pic Ex- SOLD
7" The Jackson Sisters I Believe In Miracles     NOC UK 1973 Mums  S  MUM 1829   pic Ex- SOLD
12" The Jackson Sisters I Believe In Miracles    Remix US 1973 Tiger Lily  TLR1001   pic
12" Jagg Take Time     Single-sided US 1982 Delirium  DM 926   pic Vg+ SOLD
12" Jakki / Phil Medley Sun...Sun...Sun   Remix        Sticker on sleeve US 1976 Pyramid  PD 1002   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP Jakky Boy & The Bad Bunch I've Been Watching You NL 1983 Rams Horn  RAMSH 5061   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Etta James Tell Mama      Drill hole US 1969 Cadet  LPS 802 stereo   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Etta James Etta James Sings Funk US 1969 Cadet  LPS-832   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
12" Jimmy James And The Vagabonds       I Am Somebody    Promo US 1975 Pye  PYE 121 DAS   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
7" Robert Jay Alcohol     Promo US 2004 Vox Pop  N1/4 01   pic Ex+ SOLD
LP The J.B.'s Hustle With Speed

UK 1975 Polydor Super 2391 194   pic

12" Jessie G That's Hot US 1981 Nugget ETC 52   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Jimbo Jackson & Violators Pop Corn Part 1 & 2 US Brainstorm 134   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Jesse Johnson Funky Soul Stroll US Oak OR 102   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Jesse Johnson Kickin' The Habit US Turf TRS 500   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Lou Johnson Message To Martha UK 1964 London HL.X.9929   pic Ex SOLD
LP Lou Johnson With You In Mind     cut-out US 1972 Volt VOS 6017   pic / pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP L.V. Johnson We Belong Together US 1981 Phono 1001A   pic / pic / pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
12" Samuel Jonathan Johnson You  /  My Music US 1978 Columbia 23-10798   pic / pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP Syl Johnson Is It Because I'm Black US 1970 Twinight LPS 1002   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
LP Syl Johnson Back For A Taste Of Your Love    Sealed US 1973 Hi XSHL 32081   pic Ex / M SOLD
LP Syl Johnson Back For A Taste Of Your Love UK 1974 London SHU.8469   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Syl Johnson Diamond In The Rough    Sealed US 1974 Hi SHL 32085   pic Ex / M SOLD
LP Syl Johnson Total Explosion    Sealed US 1975 Hi SHL 32096   pic M- / M SOLD
LP Syl Johnson Brings Out The Blues In Me US 1980 Shama SHL 8001   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
7" T.J. Johnson Band I Can Make It (Good For You)    rare boogie UK 1983 Switch SW 005   pic M- SOLD
7" The Johnson Brothers I'm Takin' A Train US Smoke House 601   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Chris Jones Destination Unknown  /  I'm The Man US Goodie Train 008   pic Ex SOLD
2LP Donell Jones Where I Wanna Be     Double LP EU 1999 LaFace 73008-26060 1   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
7" Jimmy Jones Do What Comes Natural US Deke DK-5412   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Linda Jones Your Precious Love US 1972 Turbo TU-7007   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Salena Jones Everybody's Talkin About Salena Jones UK 1970 CBS 63901    pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
7" Sharon Jones I Just Dropped In To See What Condition US 2004 Daptone DAP-1022   pic Ex+ SOLD
7" Bobby Jonz Win Your Love     boogie US 1982 Dispo DI-0100    pic Ex SOLD
12" The Joubert Singers  Stand On The Word Fr 2012 Favorite Recordings FVR069   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Juice Feel Like Good Music / Catch A Groove US 1976 Greedy G-108   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Junie Suzie Super Groupie    US cut-out US 1976 Westbound  W-228   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Junior & The Classics Kill The Pain     drill hole US Magic Touch 2009   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Junior Parker Love Ain't Nothin' But A Buisness Goin' On      UK 1974 People PLEO 18   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
7" Jr. Walker & The All Stars How Sweet It Is      Flipback sleeve       WOL Fr 1966 Tamla Motown TMEF 539   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
12" Kadenza Let's Do It UK 1982 PRT 12P 261   pic Ex SOLD
7" Kalapana Mana  /  Alisa Lovely US 1977 Abattoir K-P004    pic Vg+ SOLD
12" Ty Karim & George Griffin Keep On Doin' Whatcha' Doin' US 1980 Sheridan House SH-78002   pic Ex SOLD
12" Ty Karim & George Griffin Keep On Doin' Whatcha' Doin'     swol US 1980 Sheridan House SH-78002   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Janet Kay  Sweet Surrender UK 1989 Body Music JANET 02   pic Ex-Ex+ SOLD
12" The Kee  Traffic Violator US 1985 Midwest MW-45051-DS   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Herman Kelly & Life Percussion Explosion     Cutout US 1978 Alston 4409   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Eddie Kendricks People... Hold On US 1972 Tamla T315L   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
7" Chris Kenner Land Of 1,000 Dances UK  1965 Sue WI-351   pic / pic Ex+Ex+ SOLD
LP Khemistry Khemistry US 1982 Columbia 38215   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
7" Al King Think Twice Before You Speak UK 1967 Sue WI-4045   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Anna King Back To Soul UK 1964 Philips BL 7655    pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
EP Ben E. King What Now My Love    wol UK 1964 Atlantic AET 6004 mono   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
7" Toby King Mr. Tuff Stuff US 1973 Federal 12573   pic Ex- SOLD
LP King Errison The King Arrives US 1970 Canyon 7703 stereo   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Gladys Knight & The Pips Letter Full Of Tears UK Sue WI-394   pic M- SOLD
LP Gladys Knight & The Pips Everybody Needs Love UK 1967 Tamla Motown STML 11058   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP Kool And The Gang Live At P.J.'s UK 1971 Mojo 2347 001   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Kool And The Gang Music Is The Message   US cutout US 1972 De-Lite DEP-2011   pic Vg+Ex SOLD
LP Kool And The Gang Music Is The Message    Sealed reissue US De-Lite DE-2011   pic Ex+/M SOLD
LP Kool And The Gang Good Times    Sealed US 1972 De-Lite DEP-2012   pic Ex+/M SOLD
12" Kreamcicle Hold On US 1982 Sam S-12352   pic Ex- SOLD
7" The Last Word Keep On Bumpin' Before You Give Out Of Gas       US 1974 Polydor PD-14226  pic Ex- SOLD
7" Connie Laverne Can't Live Without You    swol US 1974 GSF 6916   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Jackie Lee The Duck US Mirwood MWS-7000   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
LP Laura Lee Love More Than Pride US 1973 Chess CH 50031   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Warren Lee Funky Belly US Wand WND 1194   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Lemelle  You Got Something Special US 1982 Leviticus LVT-1000   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Leon & The Burners Crack Up US Josie 45-945   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Leo's Sunshipp We Need Each Other    Sealed 180g reissue US Lyon's L-1000   pic Ex+ /M SOLD
7" Leroy And The Drivers  Rainy Night In Georgia  /  The Sad Chicken US 1970 Duo  D 7458   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Ketty Lester Love Letters      Flipback UK 1962 London HA-N 2455 mono   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
EP Barbara Lewis Snap Your Fingers  EP UK 1965 Atlantic AET 6015 mono   pic / pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP Barbara Lewis Baby, I'm Yours UK 1966 Atlantic ATL 5042   pic  /  pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Barbara Lewis Baby, I'm Yours UK 1966 Atlantic ATL 5042 mono   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Barbara Lewis It's Magic   cutout US 1966 Atlantic SD 8118 stereo   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
LP Barbara Lewis It's Magic UK 1966 Atlantic 587002 mono   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
7" James Lewis Fields How Long Shall I Wait / I Really Love You US Top Pop 2262    pic Ex- SOLD
12" Kim Lewis (Let's All) Fantasize US 1983 3C 12C-1000   pic Ex+ SOLD
LP Ramsey Lewis Wade In The Water US 1966 Cadet LPS 774 stereo   pic M / M SOLD
LP Lightnin' Rod Hustlers Convention    gatefold + lyrics insert US 1973 United Artists UA-LA156-F   pic M-/Ex SOLD
7" Limmie Funk Ltd Saturday Night's The Night UK 2014 Super Disco Edits CATSDE6   pic Ex SOLD
LP Little Beaver Party Down     cutout w/ seam split US 1974 Cat CAT 2604   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Living Proof Living Proof    US Import US 1989 G.E.M.C. GEMC 4002   pic M-/Ex+ SOLD
12" Loose Ends You Can't Stop The Rain (Remix)     Promo US 1987 MCA L33-17343    pic Ex SOLD
12" Loose Ends My Way     Promo UK 1993 Virgin VSTDJ 1467   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
12" Los Charly's Orchestra Disco Funk       sticker mark UK 2009 Imagenes IMAG-004   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Mary Love-Comer  His Servant Am I US 1988 CoLove CoLove 1001   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP The Loving Sisters The Sisters And Their Sons     cutout US 1974 Peacock PLP-59204   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
LP Lowrell Lowrell      Sealed US 1979 AVI  AVI 6070   pic Ex- / M SOLD
7" LRL and the Dukes I Want To Tell You  /  Double Funk US 1975 Minaret NR-6156   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Barbara Lynn Letter To Mommy & Daddy UK 1967 Sue WI-4028   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Barbara Lynn You Make Me So Hot UK 1988 Ichiban ICHT 704   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
12" Barbara Lynn  Movin' On A Groove / Disco Music UK 2000 Soul City SC 123   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Willie Mabon Just Got Some UK Sue WI-331   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Maceo & All The King's Men Doing Their Own Thing US 1970 House Of The Fox HOF-LP-1   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Maceo Us     cut-out US 1974 People PE 6601   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Maceo Us UK 1974 Polydor 2391 122   pic Ex/Ex+ SOLD
12" Major Harris Gotta Make Up Your Mind US 1984 Society Hill SH001   pic Ex- SOLD
EP Major Lance Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um    EP UK 1963 Columbia SEG 8318 mono   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Marie Malloy I Surrender US 1987 Mainline  ML-50041   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Al Marshall (I Like The Way You)  Dance With Me US 1982 Tent TENT 1   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Steve Marshall - Alto Sax Maintain US Reynolds R-200   pic Ex+ SOLD
LP Martha And The Vandellas Heat Wave UK 1964 Tamla Motown TML 11005 mono   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
7" Martini's Hung Over US Memphis Golden-Soul Bar 101   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Marva And Melvin (Get Ready For) The Changes US 1977 Forte ZSSB 148853   pic Ex- SOLD
LP The Marvelettes The Marveletts Sing    Tamla white label reissue US 1962 Tamla TM 229 mono   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP The Marvelettes Playboy US 1962 Tamla TM-231   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP The Marvelettes The Marvellous Marvelettes   wos           UK 1964 Tamla Motown TML 11008 mono   pic / pic Vg+/Ex SOLD
LP The Marvelettes The Marvellous Marvelettes US 196_ Tamla TM-237   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
7" The Marvelettes  Don't Mess With Bill UK 1966 Tamla Motown TMG 546   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP The Marvelettes In Full Bloom UK 1969 Tamla Motown TML 11145 stereo   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Masai Across The Tracks      b/w Tracks Pt2 UK 1974 Contempo CS-2007   pic / pic Ex SOLD
LP Barbara Mason Sings Oh How It Hurts     Flipback UK 1968 Action ACLP 6002   pic / pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Mass Production Welcome To Our World (Of Merry Music) US 1976 Atlantic DSKO 80   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
7" Matata Wanna Do My Thing     swol UK 1972 President PT 380   pic Ex- SOLD
2LP Maxwell Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite   Double w/ inners   UK 1996 Columbia 483699 1   pic / pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
2LP Maxwell Embrya   cutout US 1998 Columbia C2 68968   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
10" Maya Lait De Coco NL 2018 Attic Salt Discs  AS003   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
7" Curtis Mayfield Move On Up      Solid centre UK 1971 Buddah  2011-080   pic Ex+ SOLD
LP Curtis Mayfield Sweet Exorcist      Sealed Gatefold US 1974 Curtom CRS 8601   pic M- / M SOLD
12" Janice McClain Giving My Love US 1983 Mon-Tab M.T. 303   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Kevin McCord Never Say US 1985 Presents  KM-12   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Gwen McCrae Gwen McCrae US 1974 Cat CAT 1603   pic Ex/Vg+ SOLD
LP Eugene McDaniels Outlaw    cut-out US 1970 Atlantic SD 8259   pic Ex/Vg+ SOLD
LP Eugene McDaniels Headless Heroes Of The Apocalypse  180g w/ insert    EU 2018 Music On Vinyl MOVLP 2272   pic Vg+Ex+ SOLD
LP Gene McDaniels Tower Of Strength UK 1962 Liberty LBY 1021 mono   pic Ex+Ex- SOLD
7" Ruth McFadden Ghetto Woman     Promo US 1972 Gamble ZS7 2503   pic Vg+ SOLD
2LP Donna McGhee Make It Last Forever     Deluxe Edition UK 2014 Groove Line GLRLP 0001   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Jay W. McGee When We Party     WOL / WOS Company sleeve Can 1982 Scorpio DK 82-01   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" Tommy McGee Now That I Have You US 1990 TMG TMG-911-0   pic / pic Vg+ SOLD
12" Alton McClain & Destiny Crazy Love     Promo UK 1979 Polydor 2095 092   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Corky McClerkin Searchin' For The Soul US 1983 WinCor CF-3993   pic Vg+/Ex SOLD
7" Barbara McNair You're Gonna' Love My Baby    Demo US 1965 Motown M-1087   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Harold McNair The Hipster UK 1968 RCA Victor RCA1742   pic Ex SOLD
LP Ronnie McNeir Ronnie McNeir     US cutout US 1972 RCA Victor LSP-4723   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Kevin McCord  When The Night Comes US 1991 Chance CR71454LP   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" The Mechanic Sweat US 1986 Techno Hop THR-12   pic Vg+/Ex SOLD
7" Mellaa Free US 1982 Larc LR-81014   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Mercy Men Fifth Street / You Made It Thunder US Bee Gee 0001   pic Ex- SOLD
LP The Meters Rejuvenation      Sealed US 1974 Reprise MS 2200   pic Ex / M SOLD
LP The Meters Rejuvenation UK 1974 Reprise K54027   pic Vg/Ex- SOLD
LP The Meters Fire On The Bayou      Sealed US 1975 Reprise MS 2228   pic M / M SOLD
LP The Meters Trick Bag      Sealed US 1976 Reprise MS 2252  pic Ex-/M SOLD
LP The Meters New Directions      Sealed US 1977 Warner Bros. BS 3042  pic M / M SOLD
7" Mickey & The Soul Generation       Iron Leg US Maxwell L-803   pic Ex- SOLD
LP The Mighty Marvelow The Mighty Marvelows     cutout US 1968 ABC ABCS-643   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
7" Eddie Miller  Skate & Shuffle-Loo     drill hole US Verve VK-10494   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Ron E. Miller All Night Lover    3 mixes US J-Ville JVR-3272   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Stephanie Mills         This Empty Place / If You Can Learn How To Cry  Withdrawn Demo     UK 1975 Motown TMG 1020   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Mint Let Me Be The One US 1986 MCS  MCS-8601   pic Ex- SOLD
7" The Miracles You Really Got A Hold On Me UK Oriole 45-CBA 1795   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP The Miracles From The Beginning UK 1964 Tamla Motown TML 11031 mono   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
LP Mighty Sam Mighty Soul UK 1969 Soul City SCM-004 mono   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP Stephanie Mills Love Has Lifted Me    Withdrawn release US 1982 Motown 6033ML   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
7" Lynn Minor Fat Back US Tammy 1033   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Mitch Mitchell & Gene "The King"      Definition Of Things US Go Ko 730214   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Willie Mitchell  Solid Soul UK 1969 London HAU 8372 mono   pic Ex+Vg+ SOLD
12" Mixed Feelings Sha-La-La     Single-sided 12" US 2008 Soul Cal SCR-113   pic Ex/Ex+ SOLD
7" Moody Scott I Don't Dig No Phoney    Promo US Seventy 7 77-116   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Robert Moore Jimmy Bo Charlie / Tears Of The World US 1973 Blue Candle 1499   pic Ex+ SOLD
7" Johnny Morisette Meet Me At The Funk House US Icepac R-4258   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Lee Moses Time And Place     Demo US Front Page RAA-2301   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Lee Moses Time And Place   Ltd# 300 Gatefold red / gold vinyl     US 2016 Future Days Recordings FDR630  pic Ex/Ex SOLD
7" M.U.5. Mrs. Watson UK 1972 Crystal CR 7015   pic Ex SOLD
7" Mugo Organize US United World U.W. 4402   pic Ex SOLD
12" Mary Mundy Stop In The Name Of Love US 1982 Laurie DM 502   pic Vg+ SOLD
12" Ray Munnings It Could Happen To You / Let's Boogie            promo sticker on b side label UK 1979 Tammi 12 TAM 102  pic Ex- SOLD
7" Kristle Murden I'll Go US 1980 Light LS-655   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Mickey Murray People Are Together     cutout / promo sticker US 1970 Federal FS 13000   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
7" Ron Murray First Day Of Spring US Genna 1003   pic Vg+ SOLD
12" M.V.P. She Is Naive US 1986 Master-Trak 12001   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Mystic Merlin  Full Moon    w/ inner / small sleeve tear US 1982 Capitol  ST-12195   pic Ex-Ex+ SOLD
LP The Natural Four Good Vibes!   small hole in sleeve US ABC Stereo ABCS-706   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
CD The Natural Four Heaven Right Here On Earth  w/ obi Jap 1994 Jimco JICK-89455   pic M / Ex SOLD
LP Natural High Natural High 1 US 1979 Chimneyville CHVL 204   pic / pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Aaron Neville Like It 'Tis      Mono flipback UK 1967 Liberty  LBY 3089   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP Aaron Neville Warm Your Heart UK 1991 A&M 397 148-1   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP New Horizons Something New     Promo US 1983 Columbia FC 38709   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
12" New World Music Everybody Giggalo US 1985 New World Music NWM-1   pic Ex SOLD
7" Nikk Hard Times US 1977 House Of Roton SO 14056   pic Ex+ SOLD
LP The Nite-Liters A-Nal-Y-Sis US 1973 RCA APL1-0211   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Pamela Nivens It's You I Love (So In Love) US 1983 Sun Valley SV 88001   pic Ex SOLD
7" Noble Knights Sing A Simple Song US Cotillion CO-16460   pic Ex SOLD
LP Nolen And Crossley Ambience US 1982 Motown 6003GL   pic Vg/Ex- SOLD
LP The O'Jays The O'Jays US Bell BELL 6082   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP The O'Jays Comin' Through US Imperial LP-9290 mono   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Odyssey Odyssey    Corner cut US 1972 Mowest MW 115L   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Ofege  Try And Love   w/ insert US 2009 Academy ALP001   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP Taeko Ohnuki Sunshower    Reissue w/ Obi Jap 2014 Panam CRJ-1011   pic Ex+Ex- SOLD
7" The O'Jahs Roadside 75 US Sound Stage 45-2599   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Sean Oliver You And Me Can 1997 Boomtang  BOOM-EP-02   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP 100% Pure Poison Coming Right At You

UK 1974 EMI INS 3001   pic / pic

12" One On One Gotta Thang US 1984 Kee Wee KW 8409   pic Ex SOLD
LP The Originals Green Grow The Lilacs UK 1969 Tamla Motown STML 11116   pic / pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
12" O.R.S. (Orlando Riva Sound) Moon-Boots

US 1977 Salsoul 12T-6000   pic

LP Shuggie Otis Freedom Flight US 1971 Epic E 30752   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Ozo Anambra UK 1977 DJM  DJT 107 64   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
7" Ozone Gigolette UK 1981 Motown TMG 1249   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw    Black Pearl UK 1973 Music De Wolfe DW/LP 3262   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Eddie Parker The Old..The New...The Blues US 1989 Blues Gallery BG001   pic Ex+/Ex SOLD
LP Junior Parker Love Ain't Nothin' But A Business Goin' On       UK 1974 People PLEO 18   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Robert Parker Barefootin' US Nola LP-1001   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP Steve Parks Movin' In The Right Direction US 1981 Solid Smoke SS-8012   pic M-/Ex+ SOLD
LP John Pate Shaft In Africa OST UK 1973 Probe SPB 1077   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Bobby Patterson It's Just A Matter Of Time
US 1972 Paula LPS 2215   pic Ex+Ex- SOLD
7" Patti La Belle Down The Aisle UK Sue WI-324   pic M- SOLD
7" Buster Pearson Band Big Funk UK 1973 Action ACT 4612   pic Ex SOLD
LP Ann Peebles Straight From The Heart UK 1972 London SHU 8434   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Ann Peebles I Can't Stand The Rain UK 1974 London SHU8468   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Ann Peebles Straight From The Heart    cutout reissue UK 1978 Hi HLP 8009   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" George Perkins Give It To Me US 1980 Royal Shield RS 103   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Greg Perry It Takes Heart    promo US 1982 Alfa ALF-7016   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Oscar Perry 4 Corner Get Down    wol US Peri-Tone 45-101774   pic Ex- SOLD
7" The Phillips Bros.  Who Stole My Cookie / I Got Hurt US Now  N-5   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Geraldo Pino & The Heartbeats    Afro Soco Soul Live    w/ insert UK 2005 Soundway SNDWLP005   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Donnell Pitman Your Love Is Dynamite US 1986 After Five AFS 710   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Jay Player Love Is The Answer   90's reissue - swol US 1982 Bevnik JP21556   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP The Politicians Featuring McKinley Jackson     S / T   cutout US 1972 Hot Wax HA 711   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP David Porter Victim Of The Joke?....An Opera   Die-cut gatefold    US 1974 Enterprise ENS-1019   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Gregory Porter 1960 What?      Hand-numbered #220/500 RSD UK 2019 Expansion XEXPAND 1010G   pic M-/Ex- SOLD
12" Potion Catch The Feelin' (Showstopper)    Company sleeve   UK 1981 Champagne FUNKY 5   pic Vg+/Ex SOLD
7" Pound Of Flesh Funky March US 1974 North American Music   N-2027   pic Ex SOLD
12" Powerline  Watching You UK 1982 PLR PLR 1-12   pic / pic Ex- SOLD
7" Pratt & McClain Whachersign US 1976 Reprise RPS 1373   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Preschool Kids & Co Back In School - Part 1 US American Dream 108068   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Pretty Purdie And The Playboys   Stand By Me (Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get)  Gatefold / cutout    US 1971 Mega M51-5001  pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
LP Pretty Purdie Soul Is... Pretty Purdie      Gatefold US 1972 Flying Dutchman FD-10154   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP Sydney Joe Qualls So Sexy Can 1979 20th Century Fox T-587   pic Ex/Vg+ SOLD
7" Rah Band Messages From The Stars UK 1983 TMT TMT 5   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Ramp Come Into Knowledge    Sealed / cutout US 1977 Blue Thumb BT-6028   pic / pic Ex/M SOLD
7" Chester Randle's Soul Sender's       Take A Little Nip US Anla AN-105   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Ernest Ranglin From Kingston J.A. To Miami U.S.A. Fr 1983 Vista Sounds VSLP 4008   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Rare Gems Million Dollar Disco US 1979 California Gold CGI-1001   pic Ex+Ex- SOLD
7" Rare Pleasure Let Me Down Easy UK 1976 DJM DJS 10738   pic Ex- SOLD
12" RDS Lover US 1984 T.C.  TC 7002    pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
LP Otis Redding The Otis Redding Dictionary Of Soul UK 1966 Atlantic 587050 mono   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Otis Redding The Immortal Otis Redding UK 1968 Atlantic 587 113 mono   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
12" Rennie Ren "Brother To Brother" Stop Smoking    Synth Rap      US Connection ADP 8985   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Sharon Revoal Reaching For Our Star US 1980 Forte FS-2001   pic Ex+ SOLD
7" Henri Rich You've Got Fine Lovin US Guess LG #101   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Lisa Richards Hooked On Your Love US Special K  SK-100   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Minnie Riperton Come To My Garden     reissue US 1974 Janus JXS 7011   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
7" The Rivingtons Pop Your Corn US RCA 74-0301   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Jimmy Robins I Can't Please You UK 1966 President PT 118   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Rocket Rocket Can 1982 Quality QRFC 1005   pic / pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP D.J. Rogers D.J. Rogers US 1973 Shelter SW-8915   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" JP. Rodgers I Enjoy Making Love (Just Like You Do) US 1982 Inculcation INC #1122LP82   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Diana Ross Love Hangover    Promo UK 1979 Tamla Motown PSLP 304   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Jackie Ross A New Beginning For Jackie Ross US Golden Ear GE-2282   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Rotary Connection Rotary Connection UK 1967 Checker 6467 300    pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Rotary Connection Songs     Sealed cut-out US 1969 Cadet Concept LPS-322    pic Ex-/M SOLD
12" Demis Roussos  L.O.V.E. Got A Hold Of Me / I Just Live   Promo    US 1978 Mercury MK-51   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
7" Royal Flush Goddess Of Love US 1980 GEC LC-1107   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Rudy Ray Moore The Turning Point US Generation GEN 3   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP The Ruffin Brothers I Am My Brother's Keeper    Flipback sleeve UK 1970 Tamla Motown STML11176   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP David Ruffin My Whole World Ended    wos UK 1969 Tamla Motown TML 11118 mono   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
CD David Ruffin David     unreleased LP + more Ltd. US 2004 Motown B0002509   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP Jimmy Ruffin The Jimmy Ruffin Way UK Tamla Motown TML 11048 mono   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
7" Oliver Sain African Walk    wol US Vanessa 105 TM-2963   pic Vg+ SOLD
12" Sam American Cars / Life UK 1991 Progression Music PRG 1201  pic Ex- SOLD
12" Sarr Band Magic Mandrake / Double Action UK 1978 Calendar LDAY115   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
7" Sarr Band Magic Mandrake UK 1978 Calendar DAY 111   pic Ex+ SOLD
LP Larry Saunders The Prophet Of Soul US 1976 Soul Int. SLP-100   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
7" Merl Saunders & Heavy Turbulence          The Iron Horse     Promo US Galaxy 776   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Joe Savage & The Soul People All Power To The People US Jacklyn 1010 - AR   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Harvey Scales & The 7 Sounds The Funky Yolk US Chess 2089   pic Ex SOLD
12" Jill Scott Who Is Jill Scott? (The Sampler) UK 2000 Hidden Beach XPR3409   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Lynda Seals Skinny Dippin' US 1980 Fraternity 3438   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Seeds Of The Earth Planting Seeds UK Contempo CS.2052   pic Ex SOLD
7" Seeds Of The Earth Phire  /  Zion I UK 1975 Contempo CS.2073   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Serenade Maybe This Time US Out Front OF 101   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Sargeant & Malone Love Message / I Know Who You Are US 1980 Halfmoon Productions HM-003   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
7" Ann Sexton I Still Love You US  Seventy-Seven 77-114   pic Ex SOLD
7" Ann Sexton You're Losing Me US  1973 Seventy-Seven 77-133   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Shades Of Blue Happiness Is The Shades Of Blue US 1966 Impact IM 101   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Shades Of Brown S.O.B.      US cut-out US 1970 Cadet  LPS-843   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Marlena Shaw Live At Montreux     Japanese Jap 1978 Blue Note BN-LA 251   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
12" Steve Shelto Don't You Give Your Love Away US 1983 Sam S-12356   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP Roscoe Shelton Soul In His Music - Music In His Soul US Seventy-Seven SS 2002 S   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
12" Sheri You're So Fine      Boogie US 1987 Hip-Hop HH 7625   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Shorty Long  The Prime Of Shorty Long UK 1969 Tamla Motown STML 11144   pic / pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
7" The Show Stoppers Shake Your Mini US Showtime STR-111   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Labi Siffre Remember My Song       Factory Sample UK 1975 EMI EMC 3065   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Labi Siffre Remember My Song UK 1975 EMI EMC 3065   pic / pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Labi Siffre Remember My Song      SWOS UK 1975 EMI EMC 3065   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Silk Silk     Cutout US 1977 Prelude PRL 12152   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
12" Silvetti Spring Rain    Sealed US 1976 Salsoul 12D-2014   pic M / M SOLD
12" Nina Simone Touching And Caring Ger 1988 Bellaphon 120-07-279   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Sir John Roberts  The Sophisticated Funk Orchestra    Cutout US 1979 Venture VL 1003   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Sky Skyjackin' US 1975 Soul Unlimited 107   pic Ex+ SOLD
3LP Sly & Robbie  LateNightTales      Triple Pack Unmixed Vinyl UK 2003 LateNightTales ALNLP09   pic Vg+/Ex SOLD
LP Sly & The Family Stone There's A Riot Goin' On    Gatefold
       Clear w/ Red Pinwheel vinyl w/ booklet + print
US 2023 Vinyl Me, Please Essentials E127  pic Ex+Ex+ SOLD
12" Carl T. Smith Come Back Lover US 1985 Clarence Music CM 534   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Clarence Smith Whatever Happened To Love US 1973 Gospel Truth GTS-2716   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Clarence Smith Whatever Happened To Love     cutout US 1973 Gospel Truth GTS-2716   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Miss Elsie Smith Watermelon Man US Open 2601   pic Ex SOLD
12" Evelyn Smith  Lost In Love       Boogie Can 1982 J.C. JC 12-008   pic Ex SOLD
12" Lonnie Liston Smith Expansions     b/w A Chance For Peace UK 1975 RCA PB 9450 Ex/Ex SOLD
LP Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes         Expansions UK 1975 RCA Victor  SF8434   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" Neddy Smith Give It Up US 1982 Delirium  DM 924   pic Ex- SOLD
7" The Snapper The Pig US Worthy W-1019   pic Ex SOLD
LP Solid Solution Loving You US 1978 Silver Spoon SP-7118   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
7" Sons Of Darkness Black Ice US P & P  A 444   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Camille Soprann Hildevert Soprann Aux Antilles Petite Fleur Fr Univers Disques U.D. 223   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
7" Steve Soul Popcorn With A Feeling US Federal 45-12551   pic Vg+ SOLD
12" Soul Brothers feat. Joi Cardwell     Let It Go   4 mixes US 2000 Nervous NE-DS 20445   pic Ex/Ex+ SOLD
7" Soul Brothers Six Drive    Drill hole US Atlantic 45-2645   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Soul Generals Featuring The Alabama's Clarence Carson       Grandma's Funky Pop Corn     US Ahned AR 400   pic Ex- SOLD
7" The Soul Rockers Soul For Sale     Demo US Buddah BDA 158   pic Ex SOLD
LP The Soul Searchers We The People US 1972 Sussex SXBS 7020    pic / pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP The Soul Searchers Salt Of The Earth US 1974 Sussex SRA-8030   pic / pic Ex+/Ex SOLD
7" Soul Toranodoes Go For Yourself  US Burt 4000   pic Ex- SOLD
LP The Soulful Strings Groovin' With The Soulful Strings US 1967 Cadet LPS-796   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP The South Side Movement Southside Movement    Cutout US 1973 Wand WDS 695   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP The South Side Movement Movin'    Cutout US 1974 20th Century T-445   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
7" Spaghetti Head Funky Axe UK 1975 RCA 2513   pic Ex- SOLD
LP The Spellbinders The Magic Of     Cut out US 1966 Columbia CS 9314  Stereo   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP C.P. Spencer Love Swept Over You US A-Zone 8X263   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Spinners Are You Ready For Love US 1979 Atlantic DK 4721   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
7" Spunky Onion Cookie Man  (Part 2) UK Contempo CS 2006   pic Ex SOLD
LP The Staple Singers Brand New Day     wos UK 1980 Stax  STM 7009   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
7" Starvue Body Fusion US 1980 MIR Chicago Sound MIR 6643   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Edwin Starr Soul Master     Autographed UK 1968 Tamla Motown TML 11094   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Edwin Starr Hell Up In Harlem (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)    US 1974 Motown M 802V1   pic Ex-Ex+ SOLD
LP Candi Staton I'm Just A Prisoner   Flipback sleeve US 1970 Capitol ST-21631   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Candi Staton Candi Staton    Cutout US 1972 Fame FAS-1800   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
12" Candi Staton Victim    Promo Disco Mix US 1978 Warner Bros. PRO-A-749   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Steelers Just Beginning To Love You US Crash 430   pic Vg+ SOLD
EP Billy Stewart I Do Love You UK 1966 Pye CRE 6024   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Tommy Stewart Tommy Stewart     Cutout US 1976 Abraxas AX LP 1550   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
2x12"   Angie Stone Wish I Didn't Miss You    Double promo US 2002 J  J1PV-21157-1   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Joss Stone The Soul Sessions        w/ inner EU 2003 Virgin 7243 5 97153 15  pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
12" Strike One Can't Touch Me Anymore UK 1983 Elite DAZZ 22   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Sylvia Striplin Give Me Your Love UK 1980 Champagne FIZZ 504   pic / pic Ex- SOLD
12" Sylvia Striplin Give Me Your Love US 1980 Uno Melodic UMD 7001   pic / pic Ex SOLD
2LP Sylvia Striplin Give Me Your Love     Double gatefold UK 2010 Universal Sound US LP34  pic Ex/Ex+ SOLD
12" Ike Strong Boogie Land US 1981 Willkerr 1126   pic Ex+ SOLD
12" Sugar Can't Fight The Feeling US 1986 Blue  BDS100016   pic M/Ex+ SOLD
LP Sugar Billy Super Duper Love     Gatefold US 1975 Fast Track FTS 601   pic Ex-Ex+ SOLD
12" Donna Summer Love To Love You Baby     Promo UK 1982 Casablanca  CANX 1014 DJ   pic Vg+Ex SOLD
2LP Donna Summer Love To Love You Donna     Double gatefold EU 2013 Verve 0602537506583   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Sunfire Sunfire        small cutout Ger 1982 Warner Bros. 92-3730-1   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Super 3 When You're Standing On The Top US 1982 Street Beat STB 101   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Supreme DJ Nyborn Versatile Extension / Rhymes From A Swift Mind   US 1988 Payroll   pic Ex- SOLD
7" The Supremes When The Lovelight Starts Shining Thru' His Eyes       UK 1963 Stateside SS 257   pic Ex- SOLD
LP The Supremes With Love (From Me To You)    Flipback UK 1964 Tamla Motown TML 11002 mono   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
LP The Supremes We Remember Sam Cooke    Flipback UK 1965 Tamla Motown TML 11012 mono   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP The Supremes Sing Country, Western And Pop UK 1965 Tamla Motown TML 11018 mono   pic Ex+Ex- SOLD
7" The Supremes & Four Tops You Gotta Have Love In Your Heart    Demo    UK 1971 Tamla Motown TMG 793   pic Ex SOLD
7" Survival Kit / Bobby McClure           Daybreak  /  You Bring Out The Love In Me      US 1975 Island 006   pic / pic Ex- SOLD
LP Swamp Dogg Total Destruction To Your Mind     Sealed Gatefold     US 1970 Canyon LP-7706   pic M-/M SOLD
LP Swamp Dogg  Total Destruction To Your Mind     Gatefold US 1970 Canyon LP-7706   pic / pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Swamp Dogg Rat On ! US 1971 Elektra EKS-74089   pic M-/Ex- SOLD
LP Swamp Dogg An Opportunity... Not A Bargain!!! US 1977 Wizzard Ltd.1307   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Phyllis Swinnie This Is The Last Chance US Treble Works TWR 0001   pic Ex- SOLD
7" The Swordsmen Hip Thang US RCA 74-0561   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP S.W.V. / Sisters With Voices It's About Time UK 1992 RCA  07863 66074 1   pic Vg+/Ex SOLD
2LP S.W.V. New Beginning  US 1996 RCA  07863 66487-1   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP The Sylvers  The Sylvers     cutout US 1972 Pride PRD-0007   pic / pic / pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP The Sylvers The Sylvers III US 1974 MGM M3G 4940   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Foster Sylvers Foster Sylvers US 1973 Pride PRD-0027   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Sylvester Down, Down, Down     Promo US 1977 Fantasy F-797-D   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Take Three This Good Good Feeling US 1984 Elite DAZZ-34   pic / pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Howard Tate Get It While You Can UK 1967 Verve SVLP 9179   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
7" Gloria Taylor Do Your Duty US King Soul 865 / AR 968-1   pic Ex- SOLD
LP The Temprees Lovemen     cutout & corner damage US 1972 We Produce XPS-1901   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP The Temprees Love Maze US 1973 We Produce XPS-1903   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP The Temptations Meet The Temptations  Flipback UK Tamla Motown TML 11009 mono   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP The Temptations Wish It Would Rain UK 1968 Tamla Motown STML 11079   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" The Temptations Stay     6 versions / Promo 12 inch UK 1998 Motown 374633087-1   pic / pic  Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Tammi Terrell Irresistible UK 1968 Tamla Motown STML 11103   pic / pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP Donn Thomas You're The One   rip on sleeve UK 1983 Myrrh MYR 1144   pic Vg/Ex SOLD
LP Irma Thomas Wish Someone Would Care UK 1964 Imperial LP-9266 mono   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Irma Thomas Take A Look UK 1968 Minit MLS 40004E   pic / pic / pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP Irma Thomas In Between Tears US 1973 Fungus FB 25150   pic M- / M SOLD
7" Jamo Thomas Arrest Me           b/w Jamo's Soul US Thomas  # 304 Ex/Ex+ SOLD
EP Rufus Thomas Do The Dog UK 1964 Atlantic AET 6001  mono   pic / pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP Rufus Thomas  Walking The Dog UK 1964 London HA-K 8183  mono   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
7" Johnny Thompson Mainsqueeze US Newmiss N-777-1   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP The 3 Pieces Vibes Of Truth     Original Gatefold US 1975 Fantasy F-9476   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
7" Jimmy & Louise Tig A Love That Never Grows Cold UK 1968 Deep Soul DS 9105   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" Tobert I've Got It UK 2008 Jazzman JM12.015   pic Ex- SOLD
7" The Touch Pick And Shovel US Lecasver 45-100   pic Vg+ SOLD
12" Touché Just Like A Doorknob It 1983 S.P.Q.R. SPQR MCXI   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Allen Toussaint Southern Nights UK 1975 Reprise K 54021   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Tower Of Power Direct      Limited Edition w/ inner US 1981 Sheffield Lab Lab 17  pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Gene Townsel Time Wounds All Heels  US 1978 Dobre DR 1054   pic Ex+Vg+ SOLD
12" Transit Dance Groove US 1983 Storm ST-519   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Doris Troy & The Gospel Truth The Rainbow Testament

UK 1972 Mojo 2956-001   pic

LP The 24-Carat Blac Ghetto: Misfortune's Wealth     Promo US 1973 Enterprise ENS-1030   pic Ex/Vg+ SOLD
LP Ike & Tina Turner The Soul Of Ike & Tina US Kent 519/5019   pic Vg/Ex- SOLD
LP Ike Turner Rocks The Blues UK 1968 Ember EMB 3395   pic Ex-Ex- SOLD
12" Turquoise Summers Never Can Get Enuff     Ltd# 500 US 2012 Omega Supreme BT1001   pic M- SOLD
LP The Tymes People UK 1969 Direction S8-63558   pic M-/Ex SOLD
12" Universal Robot Band Barely Breaking Even US 1982 Moonglow MG 103-D   pic / pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Unlimited Touch Unlimited Touch    Promo - stickered sleeve US 1981 Prelude PRL 12184   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Phil Upchurch Upchurch US 1969 Cadet LPS 826   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
LP Phil Upchurch The Way I Feel US 1969 Cadet LPS 840   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
LP Upp  Upp     Fully autographed UK 1975 Epic EPC 80625   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
7" Urban Crisis Spread Love Around / Sugar Man    Drill hole     US 1975 Glades 173   pic Ex SOLD
LP The Valentinos / The Simms Twins        Double Barrelled Soul UK 1968 Soul City SCM-001 mono  pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP Luther Vandross Luther     Sealed US 1976 Cotillion SD 9907   pic Ex / M SOLD
Box Luther Vandross A Career Retrospective   Box Set  13 x 7" BX 45130   pic Sealed SOLD
EP V / A R&B Chart-Makers    Marvin, Miracles... UK 1963 Stateside SE 1009 mono   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
EP V / A R&B Chart-Makers No. 3    Marvin, Darnells... UK 1964 Stateside SE 1022 mono   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP V / A  "Live" At The Whiskey A-Go-Go UK 1964 Fontana TL.5240 mono   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP V / A The Duke And The Peacock   Tipex/wos UK Island ILP-976 mono   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP V / A Sue Sampler Record For Clubs UK 1965? Sue ILP 919   A  /  B Vg+ SOLD
LP V / A Soul '66 UK 1966 Sue ILP-934   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP V / A Dr Soul UK 1966 Sue ILP 943   mono    pic / pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP V / A Bell's Cellar Of Soul  Vol.1 UK 1968 Bell MBLL 102   mono    pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP V / A Bell's Cellar Of Soul  Vol. 2    Factory sample sticker + wos    UK 1968 Bell MBLL 107  mono    pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
  V / A   feat. Sam & Dave, Joe Tex...  Soul Together    Tour Programme   14 pages 1969   pic SOLD
LP V / A Motown Memories     Orig. flipback UK 1968 Tamla Motown TML 11064   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP V / A Motown Memories - Vol. 2     Orig. flipback UK 1968 Tamla Motown TML 11077   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP V / A In Loving Memory     Orig. flipback UK 1969 Tamla Motown TML 11124   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP V / A Motown Memories - Vol. 3 UK 1970 Tamla Motown STML 11143   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP V / A Larry Joseph Presents Platinum Funk Vol.1     US 1983 Electric Ice EI 103   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP V / A  Fuzz Dance US 1985 Sire 1-25273   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP V / A Rhythm & Blue Eyed Soul     Stickered UK 1989 Kent  KENT 086   pic Ex-Ex- SOLD
3LP V / A Disco Spectrum    Triple w/ inners UK 1999 BBE  BBE LP 018   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
3LP V / A Larry Levan Live At The Paradise Garage UK 2000 Strut STRUTLP 006   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
3LP V / A  New Orleans Funk     Triple LP UK 2000 Soul Jazz SJR LP 47   pic M-/M- SOLD
2LP V / A Groove On Down  Double classic Disco/Boogie cuts     UK 2004 Soul Brother LP SBPJ 19   pic Ex/Ex+ SOLD
2LP V / A  After Hours 3   (More Northern Soul Masters)    w/ inners    UK 2005 Warner 5046-76495-1   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
2LP V / A Get This Party Started! UK 2005 Expansion LP EXP 21  pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
2LP V / A  Soul Togetherness 2005 UK 2005 Expansion LP EXP 23   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
2LP V / A Florida Funk    Double Gatefold - small stickers on rear     UK 2006 Jazzman JMANLP 014   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
3LP V / A Strange Breaks & Mr Thing    Triple w/insert Ger 2008 BBE BBE LP 096   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
2LP V / A Under The Influence   Volume One 
      (A Collection Of Rare Soul & Disco)    Gatefold
UK 2011 Z   ZEDDLP024   pic Vg+Ex+ SOLD
2LP V / A  Under The Influence   Volume Two 
      (A Collection Of Rare Soul & Disco)    Gatefold
UK 2012 Z   ZEDDLP027   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
2LP V / A  Under The Influence   Volume Four 
      (A Collection Of Rare Soul & Disco)    Gatefold
UK 2014 Z   ZEDDLP032   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
2LP V / A                                   Motown Diva's  Mixed by John Morales     Autographed Double 12"  UK 2014 Universal UMC CLUBMO001   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
7" The Vegas I Need Your Love US Cle An Thair  7777   pic Ex- SOLD
7" The Velvelettes Lonely Lonely Girl Am I US 1965 V.I.P. V.I.P.-25017   pic Ex SOLD
7" The Vibrations Shake It Up  /  Make It Last     Demo US 1974 Chess CH 2151   pic Ex- SOLD
12" The Village Choir  /  Sir Charles Matthews         Sweet Hot Lips     Sealed US 1976 N.Y.C. Street Sound N.Y.C. 2000   pic M SOLD
7" Village Sounds Village Sound US Village Sounds VS 8503   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Vince And Lou Who Do You Love US Moon Man  EJ1031   pic M/Ex- SOLD
12" Viva Bandolero 76 / Pancho Villa   in Promo sleeve US 1976 Jaguar 7010   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP The Voices Of East Harlem Can You Feel It      Drill hole US 1974 Just Sunshine JSS-3504   pic Ex/Vg+ SOLD
LP The Voices Of East Harlem Can You Feel It US 1974 Just Sunshine JSS-3504   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Danny Wagner The Kindred Soul Of Danny Wagner US 1968 Imperial LP-12405  pic Ex+Ex- SOLD
EP Jr. Walker & The All Stars Shake And Fingerpop UK 1965 Tamla Motown TME 2013 mono   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
7" Jr. Walker & The All Stars Tune Up  UK 1965 Tamla Motown TMG 520   pic Ex+ SOLD
LP Jr. Walker & The All Stars Shotgun UK 1965 Tamla Motown TML 11017   pic Ex-Ex+ SOLD
LP Jr. Walker & The All Stars Soul Session     Orig. flipback  swol UK 1966 Tamla Motown STML 11029   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Jr. Walker & The All Stars Road Runner    stereo UK 1966 Tamla Motown STML 11038   pic Ex/Vg+ SOLD
7" Junior Walker Pucker Up Buttercup   demo UK 1966 Tamla TMG 596   pic Ex+ SOLD
7" Wallace Brothers (Ervin And Johnny)       Precious Words UK 196_ Sue WI-334   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Leon Ware Leon Ware      Sealed US 1972 United Artists UAS-5582   pic Ex / M SOLD
12" Grover Washington Jr.  Mr. Magic  /  Sausalito  (Full Length Version) UK 1980 Kudo KUDUX 100   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP John L. Watson With White Mouse      Let's Straighten It Out  UK 1975 Spark  SRLP 119   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
7" Johnny "Guitar" Watson South Like West (Instrumental) / Keep On Lovin' You   Promo    US 1966 Okeh 4-7263   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
LP Jean Wells World! Here Comes Jean Wells UK 1969 Sonet SNTF 606   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
7" Mary Wells Your Old Stand-By US 1963 Oriole 45-CBA 1847   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Mary Wells Mary Wells UK 1965 Stateside SL 10133 mono   pic / pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP Mary Wells The Two Sides Of Mary Wells   DJ  Copy US 1966 Atco 33-199 mono   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP Mary Wells My Baby Just Cares For Me UK Tamla Motown TML11006 mono  pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP Fred Wesley & The New J.B.'s  Breakin' Bread    track times written on rear UK 1974 Polydor 2391 161   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
2LP Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns      The Final Blow     Double gatefold UK 1994 Sequel NED LP 270   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
7" Ben Westbeech Something For The Weekend UK 2013 Outta Sight MSV-007   pic Ex- SOLD
EP Kim Weston A Little More Love   mono UK 1964 Tamla Motown TME 2005  pic / pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Charlie Whitehead Charlie Whitehead & The Swamp Dogg Band      Sealed     US 1973 Fungus FB 25145   pic Ex- /M SOLD
7" Marva Whitney I Made A Mistake Because It's Only You US King 45-6268   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Marva Whitney Daddy Don't Know About Sugar Bear US 1972 Forte F-11-14   pic Ex- SOLD
7" The Whole Darn Family Half Of Seven Minutes Of Funk US 1976 Soul International SI-105   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Spencer Wiggins Soul City U.S.A.    w/ insert Jap 1977 Goldwax VG 3002   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP The Wild Tchoupitoulas The Wild Tchoupitoulas      Sealed US 1976 Island ILPS 9360   pic M- / M SOLD
7" Wildflower Sugar Baby US 1977 Dash 5033   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Beau Williams Beau Williams US 1982 Capitol  ST-12213   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
12" Carol Williams Can't Get Away (From Your Love)    Sealed US 1982 Vanguard SPV 58   pic Ex / M SOLD
7" Jeanette Williams Stuff US Back Beat 601   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Jimmy Williams All Of My Lovin'    Extended Club Version US 1983 Salsoul SG 414   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Lee Williams & The Cymbals L.C. Funk  /  What Am I Guilty Of US Rapda RP 1002   pic / pic Ex- SOLD
12" Otis Williams The Way You Love Me    Boogie / Disco 12" US 1982 Demar International DI-770   pic Ex SOLD
LP Wilson Williams Up The Downstairs    promo stamped sleeve US 1978 ABC AA 1077   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" Lisa Williamson So In Love With You   Mixes US 1989 Lamar TY 9225   pic Ex SOLD
LP Willie & The Mighty Magnificents       Very Soulful     wos US 1972 All Platinum AP-3008   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP Willie & West At Their Best      sleeve drill hole US 1971 Stang ST-1008   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
7" Jimmie Willis Soul Power Pt. 1 + Pt. 2 US Orr TF-1100   pic Ex SOLD
LP Jackie Wilson Soul Galore     Drill hole US 1966 Brunswick BL 754120 Stereo   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Jackie Wilson Nobody But You   cut-out US 1976 Brunswick BL 754212   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Reuben Wilson Set Us Free US 1971 Blue Note BST-84377   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP Reuben Wilson And The Cost Of Living       Got To Get Your Own  cut corner US 1975 Cadet CA 60033   pic / pic Vg-Ex- SOLD
LP Bill Withers Just As I Am UK 1971 A&M AMLS 65002   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
2LP Bill Withers Live At Carnegie Hall     Double gatefold w/ inners      NL 2012 Music On Vinyl MOVLP432   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Bobby Womack Fly Me To The Moon      Sealed US 1968 Minit LP-24014   pic Ex / M SOLD
LP Bobby Womack My Prescription      Sealed - slight cutout US 1970 Minit LP-24027   pic M-/M SOLD
LP Bobby Womack Pieces      Sealed US 1978 Columbia JC 35083  pic Ex+/ M SOLD
LP Bobby Womack Home Is Where The Heart Is      Sealed US 1976 Columbia PC 34384   pic M- / M SOLD
LP Bobby Womack Roads Of Life      Sealed UK 1979 Arista ARTY 165   pic M- / M SOLD
7" Stevie Wonder Fingertips UK 1963 Oriole  45-CBA 1853   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
EP Stevie Wonder Fingertips   EP UK 1964 Tamla Motown TME 2006 mono   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP Stevie Wonder Hey, Harmonica Man  Flipback UK 1964 Stateside SL10108 mono   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP Stevie Wonder Up-Tight UK 1966 Tamla Motown STML 11036 stereo   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" Stevie Wonder Re-Visions Vol.3 The Stevie Edition Swe 2012 G.A.M.M. GAMM082    pic Ex- SOLD
LP Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band      Express Yourself US 1970 Warner Bros. WS 1864   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Edna Wright Oops! Here I Go Again  Demo stamped sleeve w/ lyrics inner    US 1977 RCA Victor APL1-1912  pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
7" Milton Wright Keep It Up  /  The Silence That You Keep    Drill hole      US Alston 3716   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Milton Wright Friends And Buddies   2nd pressing / cutout US 1975 Alston 4401   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
7" O.V. Wright What About You UK 1967 Sue WI-4043   pic Ex- SOLD
LP O.V. Wright Memphis Unlimited US 1973 Back Beat BBLX-72   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Rita Wright Touch Me Take Me UK 1978 United Artists UP 36382   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Rita Wright Touch Me Take Me  /  Love Is All You Need     UK 1978 Jet UP 36382   pic / pic Ex- SOLD
LP Sandra Wright Wounded Woman UK 1989 Demon FIEND 138   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Larry Wu Let Me Show You    promo US 1984 Atlantic 7-89726   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Larry Wu Let Me Show You     small rip on sleeve US 1984 Atlantic 0-86973   pic Vg / Ex SOLD
12" Larry Wu Let Me Show You US 1984 Atlantic 0-86973   pic / pic / pic / pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP Richard "Popcorn" Wylie Extrasensory Perception US 1974 ABC ABCD-834   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" James Young Funky Boots US Jet Stream 808   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Tommie Young Do You Still Feel The Same Way US 1973 Soul Power LPS 3316   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Timi Yuro : Soul ! UK 1962 Liberty LBY 1042 mono   pic Ex+Ex- SOLD
 Mighty Sam - Mighty Soul LP  The Detroit Spinners self-titled LP  Jimmy Holiday's Turning Point LP Stevie Wonder - Hey, Harmonica Man Original mono / flipback sleeve  The Exciters - Do Wah Diddy Diddy EP 
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