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 Dillinger's Top Ranking LP  The Pioneers - Long Shot LP  Prince Far I - Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter 3 LP Alpha And Omega - Almighty Jah LP  Dr Alimantado - Sons Of Thunder LP Yabby You - Beware Dub CD 
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7"    ? Inna The Dance / Entertainer        Digi UK 1988 Mini Bus Record   pic Ex SOLD
LP The Abyssinians Forward On To Zion UK 1977 Klik KLP 9023   pic / pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP The Abyssinians Forward On To Zion     WOS / WOL UK 1977 Klik KLP 9023   Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP African Brothers International Band      Daben Na Obeba? Ghana 1978? Anopa Nsonoma NK12  pic Vg-Vg+ SOLD
LP African Head Charge Drastic Season UK 1983 On-U Sound ON-U LP 27   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP The Aggrovators Rasta Dub 2000   Still In Dub  aka Conflict Dub ? UK white label COLP 2006   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Aisha Can You Feel It     Promo UK 1986 Ariwa ARI 34   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Aisha  /  The Robotics Profecy  /  Mosiah Dub   Mad Professor UK 1986 Ariwa ARI 60   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
7" Laurel Aitken Yes Indeed UK 1964 R&B JB. 167   pic Ex SOLD
7" Laurel Aitken Don't Stay Out Late     Demo UK 1964 Columbia DB 7280   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Laurel Aitken Rock Steady     Demo UK 1967 Columbia Blue Beat DB 102   pic Ex SOLD
7" Laurel Aitken Suffering Still UK 1969 Nu Beat NB 025   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Laurel Aitken Hailes Selaise UK 1969 Nu Beat NB 032   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Laurel Aitken Landlords & Tenants UK 1969 Nu Beat NB 044   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Dennis Alcapone Guns Don't Argue  UK 1971 Trojan TBL.187   pic / pic Ex-Ex+ SOLD
LP Alpha And Omega Almighty Jah    w/ shop sticker UK 199_ A & O 077   pic Ex+Ex+ SOLD
10" Alpha And Omega                      Rastafari  /  Words Of Thy Mouth    Dubplate mixes      UK 1996 Alpha & Omega A&O 1002  pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Alpha Blondy and The Natty Rebels      Jah Glory Fr 1982 Syllart Moy 33001   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
7" Carlton Alphonso Where In This World  /  Peace Makers UK 1967 Pama PM 700   pic M SOLD
7" Roland Alphonso & The Alley Cats      Four Corners Of The World  UK 1962 Blue Beat 45/BB 112   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Roland Alphonso Look Away-Ska / Puppet On A String UK 1967 Studio 1 SO 2012 wol  pic Ex SOLD
LP Bob Andy & Marcia Griffiths Young Gifted & Black UK 1970 Trojan TBL-122   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Horace Andy I Stand Before You     Demo UK 1973 RCA RCA 2401   pic Ex SOLD
12" Pad Anthony Dangerous System US 1986 Live And Love LLDIS 0027   pic Ex+ SOLD
LP Anti Social Workers & The Mad Professor        Positive Style UK 1983 Ariwa AR1008LP   pic Vg/Vg+ SOLD
12" Aswad Babylon  /  Behold     Michael Campbell Prod. UK 1981 Grove Muzic /Island 12WIP 6693  pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Bag-O-Wire Bag-O-Wire  felt tip coloured sleeve!    UK 1975 Klik KLP 9007   pic Vg+/Ex- SOLD
LP Elroy Bailey Red Hot Dub     Red vinyl UK 1979 Burning Vibrations BV 1006 LP  pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" Errol Bellot Don't Joke With Love  /  The Wicked Them JA 1987 Jet Sounds JS 001   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Errol Bellot Is That Alright Girl? UK 1982 S & G SG18   pic Vg+ SOLD
12" Errol Bellot & The Offbeat Posse          Sound Ina Fury  /  Trouble Maker   UK 1986 Jah Tubbys JT 019   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Errol Bellot  Glory Hallalujah  /  Glory Dub UK 2000 Jah Tubbys JT7002   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Jo Jo Bennett & Mudies All Stars       Groovy Joe UK 1970 Moodisc/Trojan TBL 133   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
12" Lebert Bennett  /  Jah Berry Captivity  JA 1978? Phase One DSR 5943   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Big Joe At The Control UK 1979 Live & Love LAP 010   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Sonny Bins & The Ethnic Fight Band        Gold Dust UK Ethnic Fight EF 4422S   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Sonny Bins & The Ethnic Fight Band      Gold Dust UK Ethnic Fight EF 4422S   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Black Roots Players Ghetto-ology Dubwise    Yellow vinyl US 1980 Black Roots BR LP 2000   pic Vg/Vg+ SOLD
LP Black Roots  Black Roots    Ltd RSD UK 2013 Bristol Archive ARC265V   pic Ex+Ex+ SOLD
LP Black Slate Ogima    Dub Slate UK 1981 TCD TCD LP2   pic / pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" Black Symbol Loving Jah UK 1981 Black Symbol BS 003   pic Vg+ SOLD
12" Paul Blackman / Pablo
Earth, Wind & Fire / Ras-Menilik Congo UK 1979 Daddy Kool DKR 123   pic / pic Ex- SOLD
7" Winston Blake / Rupie Edwards        Big Thing / Exclusively Yours UK 1969 Crab CRAB 40   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Alpha Blondy and The Natty Rebels      Jah Glory Fr 1982 Syllart Moy 33001   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
12" Blood Sisters Ring My Bell UK 1979 Sound City SCD 002   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Blue Rivers And The Maroons         Blue Beat In My Soul UK 1967 EMI Columbia SCX 6192   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD


The Bluesbusters Wings Of A Dove US 1967 United Artists 15505  wos  pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
7" Joyce Bond Tell Me What It's All About UK 1966 Island WI-3019   pic Vg SOLD
12" Brentford Allstars / TSKI Valley        Greedy G / The Jam Is On UK 1987 Greensleeves GRED 401   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Peter Broggs Rastafari Liveth !   w/ lyrics inner US 1982 RAS RAS 3001   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Brother Dan All Stars Let's Catch The Beat UK 1969 Trojan TBL 101   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
12" Brown Sugar Hello Stranger / Black Is The Colour UK 1980 African Drums AF 002   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Barry Brown Showcase 1980 Can 1980 Micron Music MICCAN 0035  pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Barry Brown Natty Dread Nar Run UK 1980 Strong Like Sampson SLSD07  pic Vg/Ex- SOLD
12" Dennis Brown Stage Coach JA 1981 Yvonne's Special YS 20   pic Ex SOLD
12" Dennis Brown / Aswad Promised Land /Cut No 144,000 UK 1983 Simba SM003   pic Ex+ SOLD
10" Dennis Brown  /  Ranking Dread          Emmanuel God Is With Us / General    UK 2002 Glimmer GLM 1007   pic Ex+Ex- SOLD
LP Glen Brown & King Tubby Termination Dub  (1973-79)  UK 1996 Blood & Fire BAFLP015   pic / pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Junior Brown w/ Ranking Ruebin Jah Find Babylon Guilty  /  Babylon In A Dub     UK 1978 Tempus TEM DA-1   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Teddy Brown 100% JA Young & Fresh Promotion RMM-1451AS  pic Ex- SOLD
LP Sid Bucknor Dub Sensation UK 1976 DSR SB 1008 A / B   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Sid Bucknor Dub Sensation UK 1976 DSR SB 1008 A / B   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
12" Bull-Wackies All Stars Rock-Fort Rock  /  Klu-Klux-Klan UK 1979 Ziggy F.D.P. 002   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Bullwackies All Stars Creation Dub US City Line W-0041   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
7" E.K. Bunch   / The Pyramids Banana UK 1969 Jay Boy BOY 12   pic Ex SOLD
LP Bunny Scott To Love Somebody UK 1975 Klik KLP 9004   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Burning Spear Studio One Presents Burning Spear    Screen print sleeve     JA 1973 Coxsone FCD-2940  pic Vg+/Vg SOLD
2LP Burning Spear Spear Burning Productions  1975-1979   Gatefold         UK 2001 Pressure Sounds PSLP 033  pic Vg+/Ex SOLD
LP Leslie Butler Ja-Gan UK 1975 Trojan TRLS 112  pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP Al Campbell Ain't That Loving You   writing on rear sleeve UK 1978 Jamaica Sound JSLP 015   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Cornell Campbell Stalowatt UK 1976 Third World TWS 301   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP Capital Letters Headline News UK 1979 Greensleeves GREL 7   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
12" Cassandra                                  Thank You For The Many Things You've Done UK 1980 D-Roy DRDD 29   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
12" Locksley Castel What A Great Day UK 1979 Sufferers Heights SUFF 001   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" Lacksley Castell Jah Love Is Sweeter  UK 1980 Black Joy DH 805   pic Ex SOLD
LP Lacksley Castell Morning Glory UK 1982 Negus Roots NERLP 002   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" Lacksley Castell / Papa Tullo Government Man UK 1981 Negus Roots NERT 008   pic Vg+ SOLD
12" Lacksley Castell Tug-A-War Games UK 1983 CSA SPCSA 12006   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Charmers / Claudette Skinhead Train  /  Skinheads A Bash Them UK white label   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Lloyd Charmers 5 To 5   swol UK 1969 Duke DU-25   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Lloyd Charmers w/ Byron Lee Reggae Charm UK 1970 Trojan TTL 30   pic  /  pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP Charlie Chaplin Red Pond UK 1982 Tamoki Wambesi TWLP 1014   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
7" Clancy's All Stars C.N. Express  Part One & Two UK 1968 Pama PM 722   pic Mint SOLD
7" Clancy Eccles What Will Your Mama Say UK 1971 Pama Supreme PS 332   pic M- SOLD
7" The Clarendonians Rudie Bam Bam    wol UK 1966 Rio R112   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Augustus Clarke Black Foundation Dub JA 1977 Gussie DSR 4645   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP Augustus Clarke Black Foundation Dub    in disco sleeve JA 1977 Gussie DSR 4645 A   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
7" Johnny Clarke / Glen Brown Jump Back Baby / South East Rock UK 1974 Cactus CTEP 32   pic Ex SOLD
12" Johnny Clarke & Dillinger Waiting In Vain UK 1977 Third World TW DIS 008   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Johnny Clarke Dreader Dread  1976-1978    Ltd# 000304 UK 1998 Blood & Fire BAFLP 024   pic Ex+/Ex SOLD
12" Class The Winner UK 1986 CF CFD 001   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Dave And Ansel Collins Double Barrel UK 1971 Techniques TBL-162   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
LP Dave And Ansel Collins  In The Ghetto UK 1976 Trojan TRLS 124   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
10" Congo Ashanti Roy / Mikey Dread      Breaking Down The Pressure / Autobiography    UK 1983 On-U Sound DP9   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" The Congos Congoman 12" EP    in company sleeve UK 1996 Blood & Fire BAFT 02   pic Ex-Ex- SOLD
3LP Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari     Grounation   Triple LP w/ booklet (damaged)    UK 1973 Ashanti NTI.301   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
3LP Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari     Tales Of Mozambique   Gatefold UK 1976 Dynamic Sounds DYLS 1001   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Lloyd Coxsone / Sir Coxsone Sound      King Of Dub Rock Part 2 UK 1982 Regal RLP 001   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Creation Rebel Rebel Vibrations UK 1979 Hitrun APLP 9004   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP Creation Rebel Starship Africa UK 1980 4D Rhythms 4DLP1   pic Vg+/Ex SOLD
LP Creation Rebel Psychotic Jonkanoo UK 1981 Statik STAT LP4   pic / pic / pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Creation Rebel / New Age Steppers      Threat To Creation UK 1981 Cherry Red B RED 21   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP Crucial Bunny v Scientist Dub Duel UK 1982 Hawkeye HLP 008   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
10" Crystal Government Man UK 2009 Muzik City MC001   pic Ex+ SOLD
7" The Crystalites Trinity UK 1972 Song Bird SB-1072   pic Ex+ SOLD
12" Earl Cunningham Cool Profile    wol UK 1983 Rusty International RI012   pic Vg+ SOLD
12" Bobby Culture Health And Strength UK 1982 Leggo Sounds LG 003   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Jon Cunoo Love Is Strange UK 1972 Bamboo BAM 69   pic Ex SOLD
12" Cygnus Jah Man / Babylon UK 1978 Greensleeves GRED 4   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Dadawah Peace And Love - Wadadasow UK 1975 Trojan TRLS 103   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Daddy Freddie Power Of the Trinity UK Briggie C BC 005 T   pic Vg+ SOLD
12" Daddy Freddy Yes, We A Blood UK 1989 Fashion FAD 068   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Dandy The Fight UK 1966 Ska Beat JB. 247   pic Ex SOLD
LP Dandy Your Musical Doctor UK 1969 Downtown TTL 26   pic / pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Dandy And Audrey Morning Side Of The Mountain UK 1970 Downtown TBL-118   pic / pic Ex/M- SOLD
12" Richie Davis I Just Can't Stand It UK Live Wire LW 01   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Ronnie Davis Jah Jah Jehovah   /  Version   King Tubby UK 1975 Live And Love LAL 04   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Silkie Davis / Hot Rod All-Stars Conversations / Peace & Tranquillity UK 1970 Torpedo TOR 2   pic Ex+ SOLD
LP Deadly Headley 35 Years From Alpha UK 1982 On-U Sound ON-U LP 14   pic Ex+Ex- SOLD
LP Desmond Dekkar & The Aces Israelites     cut out US 1969 Uni 73059  stereo   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP Desmond Dekkar This Is Desmond Dekkar   orange label UK 1969 Trojan TTL 4 mono   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
7" Junior Delgado Illegal Gun JA 1987 Jammys 9347/8    pic Ex- SOLD
7" Denzil Dennis Rain Is Going To Fall UK 1970 Crab CRAB 53   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Dice The Boss Brixton Cat, Big And Fat   marks on label UK 1969 Joe DU-50   pic Ex SOLD
LP Dillinger Top Ranking UK 1976 Third World TWS919   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
12" Dillinger w/ Trinity Five Man Dub UK 1982 Oak Sound OSD-002   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Phylis Dillon In The Ghetto UK 1972 Sioux SI 009   pic Ex SOLD
10" The Disciples Chant Of Freedom UK 1995 Boom-Shacka-Lacka BSL004   pic / pic Ex- SOLD
12" Dixie Peach & The Offbeat Posse Running Around / Run Come Follow We Now       UK 1988 Y & D YDD0119   pic Vg+ SOLD
10" Dixie Peach & The Offbeat Posse          Sufferers Time  /  What Am I To Do UK 2003 Jah Tubbys JT10013   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Dr Alimantado Sons Of Thunder UK 1981 Greensleeves GREL 22   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD


Dr Alimantado Kings Bread Dub UK 1989 Ital Sounds ISDA 5001  pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP Dr Pablo & The Dub Syndicate        North Of The River Thames Fr 1984 On U Sound ON-U LP 30   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Don Carlos & Golylocks / Mr. Sparling     Dance Gate / Twelve Tribes Of Israel     UK 1983 Rusty International RI007   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Don Carlos & Gold Plantation UK 1984 CSA Records CSLP15   pic Ex+Ex+ SOLD
12" Don Carlos / Mikey General Strictly Culture  /  I Do Hustling UK 1985 Blacker Dread SCOM BD 020   pic Vg+ SOLD
12" Keith Douglas / Junior Brown Something In My Eyes / Keep A Clean Heart    UK 1980 London Gemi L.G005  pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Don Drummond Don Drummond Memorial Album UK 1969 Trojan TTL-23   pic Ex-Ex- SOLD
LP Dread At The Controls Master Showcase UK 1980 Dread At The Controls DCLP001   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Mikey Dread Dub Merchant   A DATC Dubatak UK 1983 Dread At The Controls DATC-LP 009  pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Dub Specialist Roots Dub     Silk-screen printed sleeve JA 1975 Studio One   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" Errol Dunkley / Ranking Dread        Holding On     wols UK 1978 Burning Sounds BDS022   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
12" Errol Dunkley / Roddy Moodie      School Days/Love Is A Wonderful Thing UK 1979 Port Music PORT003   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Errol Dunkley Special Request UK 1982 Carousel CAR LP01   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
12" Errol Dunkley You Have Been Bad UK 1982? PC Music PCDD 006   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP The Dynamites Fire Corner UK 1969 Trojan TTL21   pic / pic Ex+Ex- SOLD
12" Earl Sixteen / Mikey Dread African Tribesman    wos UK 1980 Sufferers Heights SUFF 007 mono   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Clancy Eccles Freedom UK 1969 Clandisc TTL-22   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Jackie Edwards  The Best Of Jackie Edwards UK 1966 Island ILP 936   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Jackie Edwards Put Your Tears Away UK 1969 Island IWPS 4   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP Jackie Edwards Premature Golden Sands UK 1970 Trojan TTL 57   pic Vg+/Ex SOLD
12" Eka Mouse No Wicked  /  Trying To Be Free UK 1980 Love Linch LL019   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Alton Ellis Sunday Coming UK 1971 Bamboo BDLPS 214   pic Vg+/Ex- SOLD
LP Alton Ellis Love To Share UK 1979 Third World TDWD 6   pic Vg+/Ex- SOLD
LP Alton Ellis & The Heptones Mr Skabeana UK 1980 Cha Cha Music CHALP 009   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
12" Hortens Ellis  /  General Roy Give Thanks  /  Lawes Rockers Version UK 1979 Burning Rockers BRD 030   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Bobby & Tommy (Ellis and McCook)          Green Mango UK 1974 Attack 1004   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP Bobby Ellis & The Professionals Meet The Revolutionaries UK 1977 Third World TWS 921   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
12" Enhancers Featuring Lidj Inc Rasta / Vibes UK 1991 Nuff Tuff Music TUFF 001   pic Ex+ SOLD
12" Errol J Shooting Star / Spaceman UK Negative One VE1007/8   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP The Ethiopians Reggae Power    stickered sleeve UK 1969 Trojan TTL 10 mono   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP The Ethiopians Woman Capture Man  UK 1970 Trojan TBL 112    pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP The Ethiopians Slave Call    Niney Production UK 1977 Third World TWS 15   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Ethnic Fight Band Music Explosion UK Ethnic Fight EF 4444LP   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
7" Family Circle Phoenix Reggae UK 1969 Attack ATT 8001   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Sharon Forrester Here Comes The Sun UK 1976 Vulcan VUL 1011   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP The 4th Street Orchestra Leggo! Ah-Fe-We-Dis UK 1976 Rama RM 002   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" The Fugitives  w/ Joe Joe Cantelope Rock  /  The Fugitive UK 1967 Doctor Bird DB-1097   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP The GG All Stars Man From Carolina UK 1970 Trojan TBL 129   pic / pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
LP The Gay Lads Soul Beat     Silk-screen printed sleeve JA 1967 Studio One   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP General Levy Wickedness Increase UK 1993 Fashion 828 430-1   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
12" General T Nah Tek De Coke UK Realistics RR09   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP The Gladiators Naturality UK 1979 Front Line FL 1035    pic Vg+/Ex SOLD
LP The Gladiators Back To Roots    w/ inner - sticker on sleeve UK 1982 Stunt Sound SSR 001    pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP The Gladiators Serious Thing US 1984 Nighthawk NH-308    pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Tony Gregory Tony Gregory Sings UK 1968 Coxsone CSL 8011   pic Vg+/Ex SOLD
LP Owen Gray  Reggae With Soul      sticker marks on rear UK 1969 Trojan TTL24   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Owen Gray Cupid       swos UK 1970 Melodisc SLMP 12/153   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" Groundation Juggernaut / Fa Ward UK 1981 Shield SH 001   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Gussie P. Brutal Dub UK 1986 Digikal DIG DLP 001   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Hard Rock Feel No Way UK 1983 Inner Light DLT 103    pic Ex- SOLD
LP Harry J Allstars Liquidator UK 1969 Trojan TBL104   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
12" Linton Haughton East Of Handsworth  /  Take Two UK Shield SHD 01   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP The Heptones Better Days    gatefold w/lyric sheet UK 1978 Third World TDWD1   pic / pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
7" Joe Higgs Lay A Foundation UK 1972 Sioux SI 021   pic Ex SOLD
LP Joe Higgs Life Of Contradiction   wos / damaged labels UK 1976 Grounation GROL 508   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP The Hiltonaires From The Jamaica Hilton       Ska-Motion in Ska-Lip_So  pressing pitmarks     JA 1966 WIRL WIRL 1027 stereo  pic Ex-Ex- SOLD
LP Errol Flabba Holt Roots Radics Dub UK 1981 Tad's TRLP 4881   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" John Holt  Police In Helicopter UK 1983 Greensleeves GRED 120   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" The Hot Rod All-Stars Pussy Got Nine Life UK 1970 Torpedo TOR 1   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" The Hot Rod All-Stars Moonhop In London UK 1970 Torpedo TOR 10   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Keith Hudson Pick A Dub JA 1975 Rockers Universite RUA 1001   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP Keith Hudson The Black Breast Has Produced Her Best, Flesh Of My Skin Blood Of My Blood  Red labels UK 1975 Mamba K.H. 1   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Keith Hudson Torch Of Freedom UK 1975 Atra MAMBA 002 / ATRALP 001    pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Keith Hudson Brand UK 1977 Brand BRD 001   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Keith Hudson Rasta Communication UK 1979 Greensleeves GREL 5   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Keith Hudson Nuh Skin Up UK 1979 Greensleeves GRED 26   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
12" Keith Hudson Nuh Skin Up       wos UK 1979 Greensleeves GRED 26   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP Keith Hudson  From One Extreme To Another US 1979 Joint International JT 0006   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Keith Hudson & The Soul Syndicate      Nuh Skin Up Dub US 1979 Joint International GT 006   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Keith Hudson Flesh Of My Skin, Blood Of My Blood UK 1988 Atra ATRALP 1005   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP Keith Hudson Playing It Cool & Playing It Right Ger 2003 Basic Replay BRJT-0009   pic Ex+Ex+ SOLD
LP Clive Hunt Orthodox Dub US 1978 Magic Fire MFLP-1001   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP I Roy Hell And Sorrow UK 1973 Trojan TRLS 71   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP I Roy Dread Bald Head    swos / stickered label UK 1976 Klik KLP 9020   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP I-Roy World On Fire     Rip on sleeve UK 1978 Virgin FL1033   pic Vg/Ex- SOLD
LP I Roy Outer Limits UK 1983 Intense INLP 4   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" I, Haicideons and I. Jarzif Rise Ethiopians UK 1978 Greensleeves GRED 7   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP The Icebreakers With The Diamonds      Planet Mars Dub UK 1978 Virgin FL1010   pic Ex+Ex- SOLD
7" Ini Kamoze Wings With Me / Hail Mi Idrine      wols JA Taxi MML 813   pic Ex SOLD
LP The Inner Circle Hard & Heavy JA 1971 Jaguar JAG 5404   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Inner Circle Reggae Thing    sealed US 1976 Capital ST-11574   pic M-/M SOLD
7" The Invaders Limbo Girl     Demo UK 1967 Columbia Blue Beat DB 105   pic Ex+ SOLD
10" Iration Steppas Locks  /  Marching Dub UK 2003 Dubhead DBHDS011   pic / pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Israel Vibration The Same Song JA 1978 Top Ranking TCL 1001   pic Vg+M- SOLD
LP Israel Vibration Strength Of My Life UK 1988 Real Authentic Sound RAS 3037   pic Vg+/Ex SOLD
LP Israel Vibration Praises UK 1990 Real Authentic Sound RAS 3054   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
10" Jah Glen  /  Sylford Walker  Save Our Nation  /  Lambs Bread Collie UK South East Music SE10 004   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP Jah Lloyd Black Moses UK 1979 Front Line FL 1031   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Jah Shaka  Lion's Share Of Dub (Commandments Of Dub Part 3) UK 1984 Shaka Music SHAKA 847   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
12" Jah Shaka Giver Of Life / Life Time Dub UK 1989 Jah Shaka Music SHAKA 865   pic M/M- SOLD
LP Jah Shaka The Disciples UK 1989 Shaka Music SHAKA 871   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
12" Jah Thomas Whole Heap A Love Can Puff PR MVC 011   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
12" Jah Warriors Can't Take No More UK 1982 Bushman BUSH 1   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Jah Woosh Religious Dread UK 1978 Trojan TRLS 157   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP Jah Woosh Marijuana World Tour JA 1979 Original Music OMLP 0017   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
7" The Jetliners / Girl Satchmo Meditation / Nature Of Love UK 1967 Blue Beat 45/BB 367   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Joe's All Stars / Rico Brixton Cat     Sticker damage UK 1969 Trojan TBL106   pic Vg/Ex- SOLD
10" Johnny & The Attractions Coming On The Scene UK 2004 Trojan TJHTE017   pic / pic Ex/Vg+ SOLD
12" Johnny Scar United Africa UK 1985? Solomonic SM12.025   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Jolly Brothers Consciousness UK 1979 Ballistic UAG 30261    pic Ex-Ex+ SOLD
12" Vivian Jones Punishment  /  Wop-A-Juby-Wop UK 1977 White Rum   pic Vg SOLD
12" Junior Murvin Tedious  /  Memories   Ltd. Edition UK 1977 Island IPR 2001   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Junior Soul Soul Man Dub UK 1981 Burning Vibrations BV 1003   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" Keety Roots Daniels Vision UK 2009 Black Legacy BL12009   pic Ex SOLD
LP Keith And Enid Keith And Enid UK 1970 Trojan TTL-37   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Keith & Ken With The Jamaican Steel Band       You'll Love Jamaica UK 1964 London HA-R 8229 mono   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP Pat Kelley Pat Kelley Sings  UK 1969 Pama PMLP-12 mono   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
12" Kev-E-Kev & AK-B Listen To The Man  wol US 1988 DNA DNA 1003   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Leroy King Mash Down Babylon JA 1977 Phase One 504   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP King Tubby & Jacob Miller E-E Saw Dub       mis-labeled City Of The weakheart     JA 1975 E-E SAW EW LP 301   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP King Tubby                        Surrounded By The Dreads At The National Arena UK 1976 Fay Music FMLP 307   pic Vg/Vg+ SOLD
LP King Tubby Meets The Upsetter    At The Grass Roots Of Dub UK 1978 Studio 16 WE 101   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP King Tubby Majestic Dub UK 1983 Star PTPLP 1028   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP King Tubby & Soul Syndicate Freedom Sounds In Dub UK 1996 Blood & Fire BAFLP 011   pic M-/Ex SOLD
LP The Kingstonians Sufferer UK 1970 Trojan TBL 113   pic / pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
12" Kenny Knots Full Control  /  Stop Playing Around UK 1987 Unity Sounds UN027   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Knowledge Fools And There Money JA 1977 Stars SR003   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" Barrington Levy Sister Carol    wos UK 1980 Greensleeves GRED 32   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
12" Barrington Levy  Crucifixion   Red Vinyl / Company sleeve UK 1980 Greensleves GRED 40   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
12" Barrington Levy Pon Your Toe UK 1984 Greensleves GRED 145   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" Barrington Levy Mini Bus (On The Telephone) UK 1984 Kingdom 12KV 8028   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP Barrington Levy Meets Frankie Paul      Barrington Levy Meets Frankie Paul JA 1984 Arrival ARLP 011   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
12" Barrington Levy / Hi Life Players           Murderer US 1984 Jah Life JL 008   pic Vg/Ex- SOLD
LP Barrington Levy          In Dub Lost Mixes From King Tubby's Studio   Ltd#750 w/ insert Lux 2005 Auralux LUXXLP015  pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
7" Gadfrey Lewis Let The Music Play UK 1984 Creation CP1   pic Ex SOLD
12" Little Clarkie & The Offbeat Posse        Live Stock Party  /  Bounty Hunter UK 1986 Jah Tubbys JT20   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Little John Special Prayer UK Original Sounds OS 019   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Little Roy Columbus Ship UK 1981 Copasetic COP LP 5001   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP Little Roy Packin House UK 1999 Pressure Sounds PSLP26   pic Ex/Vg+ SOLD
12" Floyd Lloyd Babylon Shall / Soulful Lover Baby    wols UK Tropic PIC 001   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Lloydie & The Lowbites Censored !  UK 1971 Lowbite LOW 001   pic Ex/Ex+ SOLD
12" Locks So Real  /  It Takes Two UK Artistic ART 001   pic / pic Ex- SOLD
LP The Lone Ranger On The Other Side Of Dub JA 1977 Studio One SOL 5454   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Mad Professor Dub Me Crazy 6: Schizophrenic Dub UK 1986 Ariwa ARI LP 030   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
7" Anthony Malvo Can't Stay Yah Gal JA 1988 Parish DSR 5415   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Joe Mansano Trial Of Pama Dice UK 1972 Sioux SI 022   pic Ex SOLD
7" Don Martin Got A Feelin' UK 1967 Giant GN 6   pic Ex- SOLD
7" The Marvels Rock Steady UK 1971 Pama Supreme PS 338   pic Ex- SOLD
7" The Maytals Sweet Sweet Jenny UK 1965 Ska Beat JB.192   pic Ex SOLD
LP The Maytals From The Roots UK 1970 Trojan TRLS 65   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP The Maytals Monkey Man UK 1970 Trojan TBL-107   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP The Maytals Monkey Man UK 2003 Trojan TJALP086   pic M-/Ex+ SOLD
7" Tommy McCook Peanut Vendor / 100,000 Tons Of Rock UK 1969 Unity UN 535   pic Ex SOLD
LP Tommy McCook Hot Lava UK 1977 Third World TWS 920  pic / pic / pic Ex/Ex+ SOLD
LP Tommy McCook & Bobby Ellis   Blazing Horns UK 1977 Grove Music GMLP 002   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Tommy McCook Instrumental JA 1978 Justice JUS LP 07   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" Sandra McFarlane Never Take Your Love Away UK 1981 Cool Rockers NICE 116   pic M- SOLD
12" Freddie McGregor Do Good  /  Run Come Rally    wol JA 1977 Observer OBS 903   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Freddie McGregor Never Get Away  /  Jah Walton Chant UK 1982 Spiderman SMD 1001   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
12" Freddie McGregor Wine Of Violence JA Yashemabeth YM 01   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Freddie McGregor Across The Border US 1984 Real Authentic Sound RAS 7008   pic Ex SOLD
12" Freddie McGregor                   Mr. Pressure Man / Babylon Keep On Knocking   wol UK 1996 Blacker Dread BDTL 05   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Freddie McKay Creation UK 1979 Plant PLAN 10003   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" Bobby Melody & Jah Lion Hunger & Strife UK 1979 Hitrun HIT DD 5   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
12" Merger Biko      Sticker marked UK 1980 Emergency ERD 0009   pic Vg/Vg+ SOLD
12" The Mighty Diamonds Bodyguard  /  One Brother Short UK 1979 Virgin Front Line FLS 12212   pic / pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" The Mighty Three's Rasta Business   Ltd Fr 2006 Education EDVMK1202   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP Mikey Dread  African Anthem (The Mikey Dread Show Dubwise) UK 1979 Cruise CRUZ 001   pic Ex-Ex+ SOLD
LP Mikey Dread Evolutionary Rockers JA 1979 Dread At The Controls DSR 8219/20   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Jacob Miller Tenement Yard     wols JA 1976 Jam Sounds   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
EP Millie And Blue Beat Over & Over UK 1963 Blue Beat BBEP 302   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
EP Millie And Her Boyfriends Never Say Goodbye       wos UK 1964 Island IEP-705   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Misty In Roots Peace And Love UK 1981 People Unite PU 005   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Misty In Roots Live At The Counter Eurovision UK 1990 Kaz KAZ LP 12   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
12" Mixman I Wah 4000  EP UK 1995 Blakamix International 12 BLKM 017  pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP Derrick Morgan Seven Letters UK 1969 Trojan Mono TTL5   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP Derrick Morgan Derrick Morgan In London UK 1969 Pama / Economy ECO 10   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP Derrick Morgan Best Of Derrick Morgan UK 1969 Doctor Bird DLM(B) 5014   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Morwell Unlimited Meet King Tubby's      Dub Me   Ltd. 0414 UK 1997 Blood & Fire BAFLP 018   pic Ex+/Ex SOLD
LP Pablo Moses Revolutionary Dream UK 1977 Klik KLP 9026   pic Vg+/Ex SOLD
10" Pablo Moses Proverbs Extractions  Discomix UK 1982 Island 10WIP 6781   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Hugh Mundell / Jah Bull Stop Them Jah  / Blackman's Foundation UK 1979 Warrior WAR 131   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Hugh Mundell & Lacksley Castell     Jah Fire UK 1980 Live & Love LAP 13   pic / pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP Hugh Mundell Time And Place UK 1980 Mun Rock MMLP 001   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Junior Murvin Tedious  /  Memories   Ltd. Edition UK 1977 Island IPR 2001   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Raymond Naptali Trouble Possee      Ltd Yellow Vinyl UK 1982 CSA CSLP 3   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Negril Negril UK 1975 Klik KLP 9005   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
LP New Age Steppers Action Battlefield UK 1982 Statik STAT LP 2    pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" Nitty Gritty / Errol Ballot Sweet Reggae Music (Computerised)  /  Natural Touch     UK 1985 Unity Sounds UN 009   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Nitty Gritty Turbo Charged      w/ press sheet UK 1986 Greensleeves GREL 93   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP Nitty Gritty Turbo Charged UK 1986 Greensleeves GREL 93   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
12" Nitty Gritty Lick Him Kill Him UK 1987 Bowl BL. 001   pic Ex SOLD
LP Nitty Gritty Jah In The Family UK 1989 Blacker Dread BDLP005   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
12" George Nooks / Clinton Ferron & The Gladiator                  Light Up You Spliff / Miss Jones     JA TR Groovemaster DSR 9359   pic Vg+ SOLD
12" One Blood Be Thankful  /  Ebony Eyes     Red vinyl UK 1980 King & City KCD 001   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Johnny Osbourne & The Sensations         Come Back Darling UK 1970 Trojan TTL-29   pic / pic Vg+Ex- SOLD


Augustus Pablo This Is Augustus Pablo JA 1974 Kaya ST 11214   pic Vg+/Ex SOLD
LP Augustus Pablo  This Is Augustus Pablo JA 1974 Kaya ST 11213 DSR 9407   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Augustus Pablo Ital Dub UK 1975 Trojan TRLS 115   pic Vg+Ex+ SOLD
12" Augustus Pablo King Tubby Meets The Rockers Uptown  wol UK 1977 Island IPR 2009   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
12" Augustus Pablo / Jacob Miller Silent Satta / Too Much Commercialization
           Of Rastafari    seam split - wos
JA Rockers PR 157   pic Vg / Ex SOLD
LP Augustus Pablo Rockers Meets King Tubby In A Fire House US 1980 Shanachie 43001   pic Ex/Ex+ SOLD
12" Augustus Pablo Power Of The Trinity UK 1980 Rockers 5A   pic Ex-Ex+ SOLD
LP Augustus Pablo / Hugh Mundell     Africa Must Be Free By 1983 Dub UK 1986 Greensleeves GREL98   pic Ex/ Ex- SOLD
12" Michael Palmer Show Me Your Company UK 1984 Vena Recordings VEN 002   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Palmer Brother Bow Down Babylon JA Stars SR 007   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP Papa Keeble Alias Nicodemus Jnr.     Snakes And Ladders UK 1983 Carousel CAR LP02   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
12" Phillip Parkinson / Twinkle Brothers    Hard To Believe / The Sweeter She Is      UK Tops TOPS 014   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Lloyd Parks Loving You UK 1976 Trojan TRLS 126   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
12" Andrew Paul Crazy     Prod. & Mixed by Gussie P. UK 1986 Digikal DIG 001   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Andrew Paul Too Stush UK 1987 Digikal DIG 004   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" Pepper & Maureen  Windsong UK Holly Cone HC 101   pic Vg+ SOLD
12" Lee Perry & The Full Experience       Disco Devil  /  Norman    #TSLP 0004-A1 NL 1979 Black Art TSLP 0004   pic Vg+/Vg SOLD
LP Lee Scratch Perry Roast Fish, Collie Weed, & Corn Bread JA 1978 Upsetter LPIR 0000    pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP The Upsetters / Lee Perry Return Of The Super Ape JA 1978 Upsetter LPIR0001   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP Lee Scratch Perry Black Ark In Dub UK 1980 Black Ark Int. BALP 4000   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Lee Scratch Perry               Return Of Pipecock Jackson   water damaged sleeve NL 1980 Black Star Liner BSLP 9002   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Lee Perry Meets The Mad Professor In Dub Chapter One UK 1987 Angella ANG 008   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Lee Scratch Perry Heart Of The Ark UK 1982 Seven Leaves SLLP1    pic Ex-/Vg+ SOLD
LP Lee Perry  presents Megaton Dub UK 1983 Seven Leaves SLLP2   pic / pic Ex-/Vg+ SOLD
12" Aura Meets Lee 'Scratch' Perry         Full Experience    5 unreleased tracks Fr 1990 Blue Moon BM 116   pic M-/Ex SOLD
12" Noel Phillips Youth Man     Blue Vinyl UK 1980 Jammys JM 001   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" The Pioneers Catch The Beat UK 1968 Amalgamated AMG 828   pic Ex- SOLD
LP The Pioneers Greetings From The Pioneers UK 1968 Amalgamated AMGL 2003   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP The Pioneers Long Shot UK 1969 Trojan TBL103   pic / pic / pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP The Pioneers Battle Of The Giants UK 1970 Trojan TBL 139   pic / pic Ex+Ex SOLD
LP The Pioneers I Believe In Love UK 1972 Trojan TRLS 48   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP The Pioneers Pusher Man UK 1978 Trojan TRLS 156   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP Prince Buster Prince Buster On Tour UK 1967 Blue Beat BBLP 808    pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP Prince Buster Tutti Frutti - Fabulous Greatest Hits Volume One UK 1968 Fab MS 6   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Prince Buster & The All Stars Wreck A Pum Pum UK 1969 Fab BBLP 821   pic Ex+Ex- SOLD
LP Prince Buster           Judge Dread featuring Prince Buster      Jamaica's Pride UK Prince Buster BBLP 809   pic Vg/Vg+ SOLD
LP Prince Far I & The Arabs Message For The King     Pre release LP UK 1978 Carib Gems CG LP 1003   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Prince Far-I Long Life UK 1978 Front Line FL1021   pic Vg+Ex+ SOLD
LP Prince Far-I In Dub - Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Part 2 UK 1979 Front Line FLX 4002   pic / pic / pic Vg /Ex- SOLD
LP Prince Far-I Showcase In A Suitcase UK 1980 Pre PREXF3   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP Prince Far-I & The Arabs Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter lll UK 1980 Daddy Kool DKLP 15   pic Ex+Ex- SOLD
LP Prince Far-I Umkhonto We Sizwe  (Spear Of The Nation) UK 1983 Third World TWLP1013   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Prince Jammy Kamikazi Dub UK 1979 Trojan TRLS 174   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Prince Jazzbo ...Step Forward Youth UK 1975 Live & Love LALP 03   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
12" Prince Hammer Ten Thousand Lions UK 1979 Hitrun HIT DD 15   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP Prince Ras Murray Militant Dread UK 1977 Third World TWS910   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Ernest Ranglin Ranglin Roots JA 1976 Aquarius ARCO LP 004   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Peter Ranking & General Lucky      Jah Standing Over Me     Scientist UK 1982 Silver Camel SCLP 011   pic Vg+/Ex SOLD
12" Ranking Ann Kill The Police Bill UK 1983 Rough Justice R.J 001   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Ranking Dread Girls Fiesta    Blue Vinyl UK 1978 Burning Sounds BS 1025   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
12" Ranking Dread Shut Me Mouth UK 1982 Greensleeves GRED 82   pic Ex-Ex+ SOLD
LP Ras Michael And The Sons Of Negus        Nyahbinghi

UK 1974 Trojan TRLS 113   pic

10" Ras Muffet Hot Steppa  /  New Dawning UK Roots Injection RI 10 005   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Reco Radregez  - Rico ! Tenderfoot Ska  /  Memories UK 1968 Pama PM 715   pic Mint SOLD
12" Revelation                              Jah Feelings / With You Boy  Company sleeve / wol UK 1978 Write Sounds WTS 1003   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
12" Revelation With You Boy / Jah Feeling UK 1979 Rite Sound RTS 012   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP The Revolutionaries Revival Dub Roots Now JA 1976 Well Charge CHI JOE JOE 354   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
12" The Revolutionaries Head Ache / Belly Ache JA 1978 Channel One Disco Dub DSR 4922  pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP The Revolutionaries Leggo Dub   pre release produced by Gregory Isaacs JA 1979 Cash And Carry   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP The Revolutionaries Dutch Man Dub UK 1979 Burning Vibrations BV 1002   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP The Revolutionaries Revolutionaries Sounds Vol.2   w/ Ex- poster UK 1979 Ballistic UAK 30237   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
7" Rico Rodriguez Soul Man UK 1968 Pama PM 706   pic Ex SOLD
LP Rico & The Rudies Blow Your Horn    Original Trojan UK 1969 Trojan TTL 12   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Reco Rodriguez Reco In Reggae Land      wos UK 1970 Pama ECO 14 mono   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Rico Man From Wareika      price stickered UK 1977 Island ILPS 9485   pic Vg+/Ex- SOLD
LP Rico Man From Wareika UK 1977 Island ILPS 9485   pic Ex/Vg+ SOLD
LP Rico Wareika Dub       White Label UK 1977 Ghetto Rockers PRE LP 1   pic Ex+ SOLD
12" Rico Ska Wars (Star Wars) UK 1977 Island IPR 2006   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" Rico Soundcheck  /  Take Five UK 1979 Island IPR 2016   pic Vg+/Ex SOLD
12" Rico  Children Of Sanchez UK 1979 Island IPR 2030   pic Vg+/Ex SOLD
LP Rico That Man Is Forward UK 1981 2 Tone CHR TT5005   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
12" Rico & The Special AKA Jungle Music UK 1982 2 Tone CHS TT 1219   pic / pic Vg+Ex+ SOLD
7" Lloyd Robinson The Worm UK 1970 Camel CA 41   pic Ex+ SOLD
LP Rockers All Stars Chanting Dub With The Help Of His Majesty JA 1978 Rockers #HTD 79   pic Vg+/Ex SOLD
LP Max Romeo War Ina Babylon UK 1976 Island ILPS 9392   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP Gene Rondo On My Way UK 1970 Trojan TBL 149   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP Roots Rockers Reggae Masterpieces In Dub UK 1982 Vista VSLP 4005   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
7" Lee Roy Oh Ee Baby UK 1965 Island WI-251   pic Ex SOLD
12" Royal Rasses Ain't Nobody Here But Me UK 1979 Warrior BP327   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" R T & B Forward To Zion  /  Join Them UK 1979 Splendour Heights SH 1   pic Vg+/Ex SOLD
LP Scientist & Papa Tad's  Allied Dub Selection US 1980 Tad's Record TRD LP 10180   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Scientist                             Scientist v Prince Jammy   Big Showdown 1980 UK 1980 Greensleeves GREL 10   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Scientist                          Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires UK 1981 Greensleeves GREL 25   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Scientist Scientist Wins The World Cup UK 1982 Greensleeves GREL 37   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Scientist High Priest Of Dub UK 1982 Kingdom KVL9011   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Scientist        Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires   reissue UK 2002 Greensleeves GREL 25   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Scotty School - Days UK 1971 Trojan TRL 33   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Delton Screechie Living In The Ghetto Showcase UK 1982 Moa Anbessa MALP 001   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Sergeant Pepper Judgement Day UK 1983 Ariwa ARI LP 006   pic Vg/Vg SOLD
10" Bim Sherman / Singers & Players         Revolution  /  Too Much Work Load Fr 1992 On U. Sound DP2   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
2LP Bim Sherman Tribulation - Down In Jamdown 1974 To 1979
           Double gatefold
UK 2007 Pressure Sounds PSLP 57   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP Shorty The President Presenting Shorty The President UK 1976 Cactus CTLP 118   pic / pic Ex-Ex+ SOLD
LP Shorty The President Fire Fire US 1978 Charmers MIC-CAN0018   pic / pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
7" Sidney, George & Jackie At The Club  /  Reggae Fever UK 1974 Attack ATT.8064   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP The Simeons Dub Conference In London UK 1978 Freedom Sounds FSLP 002  pic / pic Ex/Ex+ SOLD
LP Singers & Players Vacuum Pumping Fr 1988 On-U Sound ON-U LP39   pic Ex+Ex- SOLD
LP Sir Collins New Cross Fire Page One UK 1981 Sir Collins Music Wheel SC 001   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Sir Coxsone Sound King Of The Dub Rock UK 1975 Safari SFA 1001   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" The Skatalites Guns Of Navarone UK 1965 Island WI-168   pic Ex SOLD
LP Sly & Robbie Raiders Of The Lost Dub UK 1981 Island ILPS 9705 Vg+Ex- SOLD
2LP Sly & Robbie  /  Prince Jammy      A Dub Extravaganza    Gatefold UK 1984 CSA CSAP 100   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Leroy Smart & I Roy Jah Is My Light / Wicked Eat Dirt JA 1977 Observer OB0010   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
7" Conroy Smith Love Affair JA 1987 Jammys DSR 8353   pic Ex SOLD
7" Dave Smith And The Astronauts    Lover Like You     Demo UK 1967 Columbia Blue Beat DB 104   pic Ex SOLD
LP Michael Smith Mi Cyaan Believe It UK 1982 Island ILPS 9717   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
7" Slim Smith For Once In My Life  /  Burning Desire UK 1969 Unity UN 508   pic Ex SOLD
LP Slim Smith Just A Dream  UK 1972 Trojan TBL 186   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Slim Smith Memorial UK 1973 Trojan TBL 198   pic Ex-/Vg+ SOLD
LP Wayne Smith Sleng Teng UK 1986 Greensleeves GREL 91   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Sons Of Arqa Arqaology UK 1992 Arka Sound ARKA 2105   pic Ex-/M- SOLD
LP Sons Of Jah Universal Message UK 1982 Natty Congo NCLP 001   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Soul Agents Get Ready It's Rock Steady UK 1967 Coxsone CS 7007   pic Ex- SOLD
7" The Soul Sisters Wreck A Buddy UK 1969 Amalgamated AMG 839   pic M-/Ex SOLD
7" Soul Twins Little Suzie UK 1970 High Note HS-043   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" Soul Tops Rain And Thunder  /  Swing Baby Swing UK 1969 Nu Beat NB.002   pic Mint SOLD
12" Derek Spence I See A Blackman Cry UK 1982 Cha Cha Music CHAD 47   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Sonya Spence Sings Love JA 1981 High Note SKYLP20   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
12" Sqidley Steve  Bad Man UK 1985 white label MH -1   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
12" Stallion Stallion  /  Doom Watch UK 1984 Sunsplash SNS 05   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Tena Stelin Wicked Invention UK 1989 WAU! Mr. Modo MOWLP 002   pic Ex/M- SOLD
LP Lester Sterling & Co Bangarang  UK 1970 Pama ECO 15 mono   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Roman Stewart Don't Get Jumpy UK 1979 GG's GG049   pic Vg+ SOLD
12" Akenzie Stevens / Winston Turner / Tufftones      Let It Play UK 1986 Trojan TROT 9081   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" Sufferer Sound I A Suffer  /  National Front UK 1978 Tempus TEM D2   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
12" Sugar Minott Hard Time Pressure  UK 1979 Sufferers Heights SUFF 002   pic Vg+Ex+ SOLD
LP Sugar Minott Roots Lovers US 1980 Black Roots BRLP 001    pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Sugar Minott & The Black Roots Players       Meet The People In A lovers Dubbers Style     Fr 1981 Black Roots BRLP 001  pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Sugar Minott Buy Off The Bar JA 1984 Power House DSR 3351  pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Sugar Minott Wicked Ago Feel It US 1984 Wackie's Wackie 1718   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
12" Sugar Minott Come Again  /  Dubbing A Storm At Omega Studio    UK 1986 S.M.P  SMP 003   pic Ex SOLD
12" Symbol Misunderstanding / Time Of Prophecy   wol UK Kebra Nagast KN 01   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Alpheus Taylor Strugglin UK Black Ant BANT 1   pic /  pic / pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
7" The Tennors Ride Your Donkey UK 1968 Island WI-3133   pic Ex- SOLD
12" Lincoln Thompson & The Rasses      One Common Need UK 1983 God Sent GDIS 1   pic Vg+ SOLD
12" Linval Thompson Give Me Back (What You Take From The Poor) JA C & E CED 108   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Tippa Irie Rebel On The Roots Corner UK 1994 Ariwa ARILP091   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
7" Peter Tosh Maga Dog UK 1971 Bullet BU 486   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP Tradition Tradition In Dub     plain sleeve UK 1977 BPI BLP 8081   pic Ex+ SOLD
LP Tradition ... Tell Your Friends About Dub UK 1978 RCA PL 25169   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP Tribesman Street Level UK 1979 Boa BOA LP 1001   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Trinity Shanty Town Determination JA 1977 TR International TRM 5781  pic Vg+/Ex SOLD
LP Trinity African Revolution       label damage US 1979 GG's GG0020   pic Vg+/Ex SOLD
LP Tru Tones Power Struggle JA 1980 Trudisc TT002   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP Danny Tucker Changes     Showcase LP US Twigzie Dee Sounds TDS 001   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Twelve Tribes Of Israel Mr. Spaulind   water damaged sleeve  JA 1983 Roots Rockers RR-11   pic Vg/Vg+ SOLD
12" Twinkle Brothers Rasta P'on Top  /  It Gwine Dread'A UK 1981 Twinkle TW-1/12    pic / pic Vg+ SOLD
LP U Brown Revelation Time UK 1977 Live And Love LAP002   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
12" U. Brown / Delroy Wilson Baby I Need You / You Never Get Away JA Hit Sounds DSR 9301   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
12" U-Roy & Sister Audrey True Born African UK 1985 Ariwa ARI 123   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
10" Undivided Roots England Cold  /  Move Up Fr 1982 Well Crucial AAP DP 1   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
7" The Upsetters Country Girl UK 1965 Island WI-223   pic Ex- SOLD
7" Upsetters A Live Injection UK 1969 Upsetter US-313   pic Vg+ SOLD
7" The Upsetters The Vampire UK 1969 Upsetter US-317   pic Vg+ SOLD
LP The Upsetters The Good, The Bad And The Upsetters UK 1970 Trojan TBL-119   pic / pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP The Upsetters Many Moods Of The Upsetters UK 1970 Pama / Economy SECO 24   pic / pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP Upsetters Double Seven UK 1973 Trojan TRLS 70   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP The Upsetters / Lee Perry Super Ape UK 1976 Island ILPS 9417    pic Ex+Ex- SOLD
LP The Upsetters Return Of The Super Ape JA 1978 Upsetter LPIR 0001   pic Vg+/Ex- SOLD
LP V / A Jamaica Ska   US cutout US 1964 Atlantic 8098   pic Ex/Ex+ SOLD
LP V / A Club Ska '67 JA 1967 Wirl LP-948   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP V / A Bang Bang Lulu UK 1968 Pama PMLP 4   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP V / A Blue Beat Special  JA 1968 Coxsone CSP 1   pic Ex/Vg+ SOLD
LP V / A Here Comes The Duke  UK 1968 Trojan TRL-6   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP V / A Reggae Special UK 1968 Coxsone CSP 2   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP V / A Jamaican Memories UK 1968 Blue Cat BCL 1   pic / pic / pic / pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP V / A Jamaican Memories     Flipback UK 1968 Blue Cat BCL 1   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP V / A Dancing Down Orange Street UK 1969 High Note BSLP 5002   pic Ex/Vg+ SOLD
LP V / A Independent Jamaica    sticker damage UK 1969 Trojan TTL 15  pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP V / A Millie & Her Boyfriends UK 1969 Trojan TTL17   pic   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP V / A Swing Easy JA 1969 CSL 8018   pic Ex/Vg+ SOLD
LP V / A Jackpot Of Hits UK 1969 Amalgamated CSP-3   pic / pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP V / A  This Is Reggae UK 1969 Pama PSP 1003 mono   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP V / A  Reggae To The U.K. With Love UK 1969 Pama PSP 1004   pic Ex/ Vg+ SOLD
LP V / A Duke Reid Golden Hits UK 1969 Trojan Mono TTL 8   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP V / A You Left Me Standing UK 1969 Trojan TTL-9   pic Ex/Vg+ SOLD
LP V / A You Left Me Standing UK 1969 Trojan TTL-9 mono   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP V / A Red Red Wine UK 1969 Downtown TTL11 mono   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP V / A  No More Heartaches UK 1969 Trojan TTL 14 mono   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
LP V / A Freedom Sounds UK 1970 Bamboo BDLP 205   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP V / A Queen Of The World UK 1970 Trojan TBL-136   pic Ex-Ex+ SOLD
LP V / A You Can't Wine UK 1970 Trojan TBL 142   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP V / A What Am I To Do? UK 1970 Harry J TTL 34   pic   /   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP V / A Straighten Up UK 1971 Pama PMP 2002   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP V / A Solid Gold UK 1971 Bamboo BDLPS 212   pic Vg+/Ex SOLD
LP V / A  This Is Reggae  Volume Two UK 1971 Pama PMP 2005   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP V / A Reggae To Reggae  UK 1971 Pama PMP 2012   pic M-Ex+ SOLD
LP V / A Music House Vol.2   Stickered sleeve UK 1972 Trojan TBL 177   pic Ex/Vg+ SOLD
LP V / A  Straighten Up Vol.3  UK 1972 Pama PMP 2014   pic Ex+Ex- SOLD
LP V / A Honeys UK Melodisc MLP 12-216   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP V / A Honeys UK 1974 Melodisc MLP12-216   pic  Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP V / A Gussie presenting The Right Tracks UK 1975 CactusCTLP 115   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP V / A   Dub Specialist Juk's Incorporation     Silkscreen sleeve JA 1976 Studio One DB 101   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP V / A Juicy Mangoes Volume 1 UK 1976 Mango MAN LP 1   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP V / A Strictly Rockers Ina Dread Land UK 1976 Live & Love LALP 07   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
LP V / A Dub Out Her Blouse & Skirt  Vol. 1 JA 1978 Germain   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP V / A  Top Ranking Dub Volume 2 JA 1978 Roots Man   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP V / A  Rockers In Hungry Town Vol. 1 JA 1979 Hungry Town HT/VA-1A/B   pic Ex- SOLD
LP V / A Catch This Beat UK 1980 Island IRSP7   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP V / A People Unite  In Progress    w/ insert UK 1984 People Unite PU 104   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
LP V / A Ghetto Dub UK 1988 Revolver RDL 900   pic Ex/Ex+ SOLD
LP V / A Lead With The Bass UK 1995 Universal Egg WWLP8   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
4LP V / A Planet Dub    Gatefold Four Lps UK 1995 Planet Dog BARKLP015   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
2LP V / A Dubhead   Volume Two UK 1996 Shiver IVE LP 004   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
LP V / A Lead With The Bass II UK 1996 Universal Egg WWLP 017   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
Box V / A Good Time Skank   New - sealed UK 2002 Trojan TJMBX039   pic M / M SOLD
Box V / A Top Deck Ska 45's Box Set  
        8 x coloured vinyl 7" JY-101 to JY-108 + insert
UK 2002 Top Deck 5046-61344-1   pic M-/M- SOLD
2LP V / A Work Your Soul Jamaican 60s & Northern 1966-74 UK 2003 Trojan TJDDV069   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP V / A Loch Ness Monster UK 2004 Trojan TJALP149   pic M-/Ex+ SOLD
Box V / A This Is Reggae Music   New - sealed UK 2005 Trojan TJNBX254   pic M / M SOLD
2LP V / A DJ Andy Smith - Trojan Document   w/ insert UK 2006 Trojan TJZDV317   pic M-/Ex+ SOLD
Box V / A                  Haunted House - The Skinhead Sevens Boxset    8 x 7" box w/ booklet     UK 2006 Trojan TJLBX330   pic Ex-/M- SOLD
Box V / A Haunted House - Skinhead Sevens  sealed UK 2006 Trojan TJLBX330  pic M / M SOLD
Box V / A Rewind & Come Again    7 x 7" box UK 2007 Greensleeves GREBOX001   pic Sealed SOLD
2LP V / A Calypso: Musical Poetry In The Caribbean 1955-69
            Sealed gatefold / insert
UK 2014 Soul Jazz SJR LP274   pic M / M SOLD
12" The Viceroys Heart Made Of Stone    Red Vinyl UK Taxi TX002   pic M- SOLD
LP The Viceroys Ya Ho UK 1985 Burning Sounds BS 1063   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
7" The Wailers Simmer Down UK 1965 Ska Beat JB.186   pic Ex- SOLD
7" The Wailers Dancing Shoes UK 1966 Rio R116   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Bob Marley & The Wailers African Herbsman UK 1973 Trojan TRLS 62   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
7" The Wailers I Shot The Sheriff   wols - DJ Album Sampler UK 1973 Island IDJ 2   pic Ex SOLD
LP The Wailers Catch A Fire   Zippo sleeve - intact - Pink Island UK 1973 Island ILPS 9241   pic Ex+/Ex SOLD
LP The Wailers Catch A Fire   Zippo sleeve in fantastic condition
            Pink rim Island / Initials on back of sleeve
UK 1973 Island ILPS 9241   pic Ex+Ex+ SOLD
PIC Bob Marley & The Wailers Could You Be Loved     7" Picture Disc UK 1980 Island ISP 210   pic M- SOLD
LP The Wailers Tribute To Carly Barrett    small rip UK 1987 Atra ATRALP 1008   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
2LP Bob Marley & The Wailers The Complete Bob Marley & The Wailers 1967 to 1972 Part III     Fr 1998 JAD AB 07521   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
2LP Bob Marley & The Wailers  Legend      (The Best Of Bob Marley And The Wailers) 
   Red / Gold / Green vinyl 30th Anniversary Gatefold
US 2014 Island B0020867-01   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
7" Bunny Wailer Battering Down Sentence JA 1976 Solomonic   pic Ex SOLD
12" Bunny Wailer Rise & Shine UK 1981 Solomonic SM00 7   pic M- SOLD
12" Wailing Souls War / Jah Give Us Life To Live UK 1978 Greensleeves GRED 1   pic / pic Vg/Ex- SOLD
LP Delroy Washington I-Sus      w/ insert UK 1976 Virgin V 2060   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
12" Wayne Wade  African Monica/Down In Iran Yellow Vinyl UK 1980 Pirate PIR 003   wol   pic Vg+ Ex SOLD
12" Al Wayne / Roddy Moodie        Money Money / Dunny Dunny / Dub UK 1979 Port Music PORT 001   pic / pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
LP The Webber Sisters I & I Love You Honey UK 1982 Sky Note SKY LP31   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
7" White Mice School Days JA 1987 Intelitec CMC 013    pic Ex- SOLD
7" Wild Eyes


JA 1989 New Name Muzik NNM 2373   pic Vg+ SOLD
2LP Willi Williams Messenger Man UK 2005 Blood & Fire BAFLP 048   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
LP Delroy Wilson For I And I UK 1975 Grounation GROL 501   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
LP Delroy Witter Mawamba Dub (Warrior) UK 1978 D-Roy DRLP 1001   pic Ex/Vg+ SOLD
LP Yabby U / Prophets Beware Dub UK 1978 Grove Music GMLP 4   pic / pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
12" Vivian "Yabby U" Jackson & Trinity        Jah Vengeance    swos UK 1978 Grove Music GMDM 6   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD


Yabby U Jah Jah Way UK 1980 Island ILPS9615   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD


Yabby You Beware Dub Fr 1991 Roir / Danceteria RE188CD   pic M-/M SOLD
LP Yami Bolo Ransom UK 1989 Greensleeves GREL 125   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
10" Yellowman Operation Radication UK 1982 Pama PMLP 3215   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
12" Zion Band Freedom City UK 1982 Unitone Publishing Ltd FCIX12   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
7" Tappa Zukie New Star UK 1977 New Star NEW1   pic Ex SOLD
LP Tappa Zukie / Musically Intemidaters        Escape From Hell / Dub Master JA 1977 Stars SR 001   pic Ex- SOLD
LP Tappa Zukie Peace In The Ghetto UK 1978 Virgin FL1009   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
 Hugh Mundell & Lacksley Castell - Jah Fire  LP  King Tubby & Soul Syndicate - Freedom Sounds In Dub LP Harry J Allstars - Liquidator LP I Roy - Hell And Sorrow LP The Upsetters / Lee Perry - Return Of The Super Ape LP  Don Carlos & Gold - Plantation LP

Reggae & Ska Auction

 In addition to these and our 1,000's of other reggae items in-store, we also hold a Reggae & Ska auction 3-4 times a year.

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